Frequenly Asked Questions

About Project Nelson

What is Project Nelson?
Project Nelson is a desktop interface for your computer which also comes with, among others, an address book and a scheduler. For more information, check out the Project Nelson website.

Why "Project Nelson"?
I'm not sure why I picked the name originally, although it may have had something to do with it sounding like a cool name, I'm fairly sure Lord Admiral Nelson factored into the decision as well.

Currently, I rationalise my choice in name by way of analogy - as the Brtitish Empire used Lord Admiral Nelson to command their battle fleet, so too can you use Project Nelson to command your computer.

What about "Abalone" or "Nemo"?
Abalone is a fairly obvious name, since it's a shell manager and abalone is a type of shellfish. Plus, it rolls off your tounge in a sort of pleasing way that I like.

"Nemo" follows the theme set by other file managers such as Explorer, Finder, Konqueror and Nautilus. Specifically, Nemo refers to Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, who was, among many things, an undersea explorer.

There's an error/problem/fault in Project Nelson!
Report any problems to the Bug Reports page. Make sure to select "Project Nelson" from the dropdown menu. Please remember to fill out as much as you can - more details means I can better address the bug.

How can I ask you a question about Project Nelson?
By either emailing me or asking it on Formspring. Depending on a bunch of things, it may even end up here!

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