Frequenly Asked Questions

About the Website

So, why does this website exist?
I use this website to show off stuff I do. If you want to see the stuff, check out the Stuff page.

When do you update your website? When are you going to?
Every now and then, but generally when I have new stuffs to show off. :D

There's an error/problem/fault! Link X, Y and Z don't work!
Report any problems to the Bug Reports page. Make sure to select "MarkKB's Web" from the dropdown menu. Remember to include the URL address of the page that's bugging you, and if a link's broken, please inlude the name of the link and the address it leads to. Thanks!

Do you have any other websites?
I created Yet Another Lilo & Stitch Fansite. I'm also the lead developer for The Usual Spot, which created The Askblog List.

How can I ask you a question about your website?
By either emailing me or asking it on Formspring. Depending on a bunch of things, it may even end up here!

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