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Mary Jo-Foley
All About Microsoft
by Mary Jo Foley

Keeping an analytical eye on Microsoft, Mary Jo Foley talks about both their present and future (both projected and from leaks).

Jeff Atwood
Coding Horror
by Jeff Atwood

A programmer posting interesting thoughts about programming.

John Gruber
Daring Fireball
by John Gruber

An Apple blogger who posts interesting links and fascinating analysis about the major players in the computing industry.

Ed Bott
The Ed Bott Report
by Ed Bott

While writing primarily about Microsoft and its competitors, Ed Bott tends to straddle both sides of the line, and isn't afraid to speak negatively about either.

Long Zheng
I Started Something
by Long Zheng

Long Zheng writes about the small, but important, things in Microsoft and Windows.

Raymond Chen
The Old New Thing
by Raymond Chen

Raymond Chen presents the history behind decisions, features and APIs in Windows.

Dan Lyons
Real Dan Lyons
by Dan Lyons

An Android and Apple fan with some certainly interesting opinions about various things.

Paul Thurrott
Supersite for Windows
by Paul Thurrott

It's there in the name. Paul Thurrott focuses on news, screenshots and, sometimes, reviews of the software and hardware from Microsoft and their competitors.

Rafael Rivera
Within Windows
by Rafael Rivera

Rafeal Rivera deals with some of the more technical aspects of Windows, Windows Phone, and their apps.

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