Change is afoot.

I know I've been rather dormant with respect to this webcomic. The reason for that is because a) I suck at schedules and b) I've been rethinking some of the things behind the comic itself. Most of them are minor, but I hope they will be for the better.

Here's a list of the changes I'll be making, starting with the most noticeable:

1. Ctrl Alt Bkspc is now just Backspace.

Ctrl Alt Bkspc was named after an obscure key command in Linux that reboots the window manager (for example, if it gets frozen). The tagline was originally "Have you ever wished you could reboot the X-Server of your life?", the implication being that the main character finds his life stalled and gets the oppotunity to inject some drama into it. It's not something many people would get, especially considering the fantasy themes I plan on including in the comic, and it's also uncomfortably close to gaming comic Ctrl+Alt+Del, which I only realised after I chose the name.

So now, it's just 'Backspace'. I've come up with a double-meaning for 'Backspace' that's much more relevent to the plot, although you'll just have to wait for the later arcs to see what it is.

2. The story is undergoing a small reboot.

Emphasis on the small. I'll be dumping the original set of one-shot comics (since they really jibe with the style of the rest of the comics), and adding in a short prologue to the Truth arc. I'll also redraw and rewrite some of the existing comics so they read or fit better with the rest of the comics (and some where the art or writing is just... urgh). Most of the story going forward will remain the same, though, and characters will retain their personalities.

However, there is one thing they won't retain...

3. Most of the characters will be renamed.

This one is somewhat complicated to explain, so I'll write a seperate blog post about it. The short of it is that many of the characters were named after friends of mine without their permission (including two of the antagonists), and while I didn't think much of it before, I've since realised this isn't such a good idea (especially since 'their' characters are rather different from the real-life people). Additionally, the protagonist has evolved into someone quite different to myself, and I feel that keeping his name the same as mine will draw some (rather wrong) assumptions.

4. A new schedule will be adopted!

Don't get too excited - it doesn't mean new comics right away. Instead, what I'm going to do is complete an arc, and then release comics on a weekly schedule while I get the next arc done. With this schedule, I'm hoping to strike a balance between what the readers find comfortable and what I find comfortable.

As an aside, I was inspired to do this by two other excellent comics: Red's Planet by Eddie Pittman, and Turbo Defiant Kimican by Ferran Daniel. Seriously, they are both brilliant, and I'm not worthy enough even to get schedule inspiration from them. (In case it's not clear: go, read them, now.)

5. Suddenly progress bars!

In an effort to keep you guys updated, I'll be placing progress bars on the sidebar showing what I've done so far (another idea co-opted from Red's Planet. Did I mention it was awesoem? I think I did.)

Lastly, a minor thing, but one that I'm sure will be appreciated:

6. I will start reusing backgrounds in same-shot scenes.

One thing I did with these comics is redraw the background for every single frame, even if it was the same shot in the same scene. This meant two things: the inconsistancies between backgrounds were very noticable, and it delayed me finishing my comic by a very significant amount (on top of the procrastination when I didn't feel like drawing the same background four times.) It's not that I didn't know about copy and paste :p, but I was deadset against it from an ideological perspective.

But now, I've decided to do the pragmatic thing and reuse backgrounds if both the scene and the position and orientation of the camera are the same.

One more thing:

I'm pleased to announce that I've fully drafted out the 'Truth' arc on paper. This means a) the story for the first arc is basically fully set, and b) I now can devote some of my headspace to other things. :p

This story is just beginning, and I hope we can all enjoy the ride together.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Ky-Balchin


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