Bug Reports

An error occurs when configuring applications or default programs in SettingsPN.

Depends onAn error occurs when launching a program that requires elevated privileges from Project Nelson or File Manager "Nemo".
Bug report typeNon-fatal bug
Program affectedProject Nelson (v1.0 Build 020)

When you click on one of the buttons under the Configure applications section on the Project Nelson tab in SettingsPN, the following error occurs:

File not found.

This error occurs because SettingsPN uses the First Run Wizard's dialogs to configure applications, which requires administrator privileges to run, and because the code that launches the dialog doesn't take this into account.

Steps to reproduce
  1. Launch SettingsPN.
  2. Click on either the Internet, Office, Images & Multimedia, or Configure games button under the Configure applications section.
Workaround 1Close the SettingsPN window. A dialog should appear reading "Windows detected that this program did not run correctly". Click Close, start SettingsPN again, and click on one of the buttons under the Configure applications section. They should now work.
Workaround 2 Hold down <Ctrl>, <Shift> and <Esc> keys and release them. When Task Manager appears, click on the New Task... button. Type in FirstRun.exe and click OK. Click on Next, and click a application or category to configure it. Click Next, and wait for your games to be detected. Decide whether or not you want to scan your hard drive. After the scan, click Finish to exit the wizard.
StatusFIXED in v1.0 Build 020 Update 1.

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