Bug Reports

If taskbar mode is enabled, Project Nelson locks up if there is another application not responding.

Bug report typeNon-fatal bug
Program affectedProject Nelson (v1.0 Build 020)
Details If taskbar mode is enabled, when a program goes into a non-responsive state, Project Nelson will also go into a non-responsive state for as long as the program is non-responsive.

This occurs because Project Nelson sends a message to the window asking for the title, but the window doesn't respond.

Steps to reproduce
  1. If taskbar mode is not enabled, enable taskbar mode from SettingsPN, then log out and in again.
  2. Start a program and put it into a non-responsive state.
Workaround 1Hold down <Ctrl>, <Shift> and <Esc> keys and release them. When Task Manager appears, look down the list for any unresponsive programs. Right click on it, and select Go To Process, then End Process, and End Process again. Close Task Manager.
Workaround 2(Disable taskbar mode) Click on Control Panel, then SettingsPN. Uncheck Show taskbar and click OK.
StatusFIXED in v1.5.
Developer's notesNow uses a timeout so the taskbar doesn't lock up.

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