Bug Reports

Nothing happens when tryring to run installers that require elevated privilages when Software Updater is running under limited privaleges.

Bug report typeNon-fatal bug
Program affectedSoftware Updater (v1.0 Build 02)

When running under limited privilages, after you click on the "Install" button for an update that requires elevated privilages to run, the update will download but not run.

This occurs because the code that runs the update after download doesn't take into account the programs that require elevated privilages.

Steps to reproduce
  1. Open Software Updater when an update that rquires elevated privilages is released.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Wait for download to complete.
Workaround 1 (temporary)

Navigate to the folder you installed Software Updater to (usually Program Files\MarkKB\Software Updater or Program Files\Software Updater), right-click "SoftwareUpdater.exe" and click "Run as administrator". Accept the dialog that pops up, and click "Install" when prompted.

Workaround 2 (temporary)

Navigate to your temp folder by opening an Explorer window, typing "%TEMP%" in the address box, and hitting the Enter key. Double-click the SoftwareUpdater folder and double-click the appropriate executable.

Workaround 3

Hold down <Ctrl>, <Shift> and <Esc> keys and release them. When Task Manager appears, switch to the Processes tab, select SoftwareUpdater.exe and click End Process. When a dialog pops up, click the End Process button. A dialog should appear reading "Windows detected that this program did not run correctly". Click Close, switch to Task Manager and switch to the Applications tab. Click the New Task button, type SoftwareUpdater.exe /s 1 in the text box and click OK. Close Task Manager, and click "Install" when prompted.

StatusFIXED in v1.0 Build 03.
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