About Backspace

About The Comic

Backspace is a comic focusing around the juxtaposition of magic in a world of technology. I, Mark Ky-Balchin, draw and write the comic in my spare time, although I initially just drew it as a small experiment - I didn't expect it to develop into any kind of storyline.

Truth arc (takes place mid 2006)

Classmate Alice sometimes goes overboard when it comes to curiosity. So when Mike finds himself unable to lie, he naturally suspects she had something to do with it.

About the Characters

Mike Barosa

Mike is a computer and science geek with a quirky sense of humor. But his complacency with the realms of the physical world is shattered when misterious things begin to happen which cannot be explained by mere science.

Matthew Siers

Close friend and confidant, Matthew is laid-back, but always willing to give a hand to his friends. He's levelheaded, with fast, logical solutions when needed, but that doesn't stop him from snarking a bit. :D

Alice H.

Alice is intellegent and cunning, but she wants to learn more. Not satisfied with mere facts, she tries to learn all she can about her classmates... and although meaning well, she perhaps goes a little too far on the course of her quest for knowledge.

Alice S.

H.'s right hand girl, Alice S. is trained in the fine matial arts, which comes in handy when cornering unsuspecting victims.

Copyright © 2012 Mark Kéy-Balchin.