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Author's Comment

Background: I had a lot of fun doing the background in this one! It's such a rarity that I get to do night scenes, and coupled with that, this was the first comic in which I actually had something in the way of proper background in the base pic. :D

The characters: We'll be seeing more of these two later. Yays!

Originally, one of the characters asked about the bus stop signs, but I thought there was already too much dialogue in the scene as it is.

Layout: This is the only comic of CAB to feature this wacky panel format, and it's likely to stay that way - everything's too small!

Speaking of which, the text lines seem slightly on the thick side, now that I've shrunkafied it... ^^; Oh well. If you can't read it, send me a line and I'll put up a transcript.

Sketch: 26 October, 07 November, 30 December 2006
Foreground Lineart: 13-14 January 2009
Background: 13-14 January; 15-18, 23-24 March; 21 April 2009
Foreground Paint: 21 April 2009
Text/Bubbles: 22 April 2009
App: Paint Shop Pro 5.01

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