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Author's Comment

So, this is the kitchen by day. Wait... no, Mark, don't drink it! ISH TEH POISON! (IMHO, no person should enjoy drinking anything that much. :D )

Basically, I had to draw this one from scratch. Oh, sure, I used the original for positioning some background objects, such as the bench, but it was so unworkable (not to mention unfinished) that most of it is basically free-hand with the mouse. (I'm actually quite proud it came out OK. Now compare with #4...)

You may notice the ToDo list from #1 and #3 markes an appearence - it's attatched to the pantry on the right, behind the fish-tank.

Sketch: 20 January, 26 February 2007
Background Lineart: 8-10, 30-31 August 2009
Foreground Lineart: 31 August 2009
Paint: 31 August-1 September 2009
Text: 1 September 2009
App: Paint Shop Pro 5.01

Copyright © 2011 Mark Kéy-Balchin.