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Author's Comment

Ah, Te Pai Park and the bowling alley, two places I don't go to enough anymore.

This one was artified at a higher resolution than the previous ones, thus the smoother lines. This is also the first outdoor comic with character shading, although it's much more subdued (I thought it looked better that way. :D )

The sketch had a lot more detail in the background than previous ones, although mainly in the first and last frames (the middle two I had to fill in a lot of the blanks.)

The black apparatus in the playground in the last panel is a balance beam that bends at the beige parts when you walk across it (I could never make it all the way). The pyramid-thing by the skating rink is some kind of skating thing that skaters try to... skate, I guess.

Sketch: 26 February 2007
Foreground Lineart: 3 September 2009
Background: 3-6 September 2009
Foreground Paint: 6 September 2009
Text: 6 September 2009
App: Paint Shop Pro 5.01

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