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Now, that's melodramatic!

Kilroy was here: Back in the 1940's, Kilroy was everywhere. From the battlefields of Germany to the underside of the Statue of Liberty, he left his mark wherever he went: Kilroy was here. The graffiti isn't very common nowadays, but there have been a few sightings in Iraq... [Read more]

The Year of Desktop Linux: Every year since about 1998, some tech journalist or another would predict that that year would be the year that the open-source operating system Linux would be adopted by the mainstream. This has been predicted so many times (with nothing ever coming of it) that, in most tech circles, the phrase is utterly mocked. Still, some hold out hope... [Read more]

The engagement ring: I'm not sure why I wrote that, really. I guess, logically, it's about the only thing you'd lose in a toilet (due to small spaces, grating, the toilet itself, ect) that you'd get that upset about.

MarkKB v. Perspective, round 1: FIGHT! Yes, the perspective on Panel 3 isn't that great, but at least it's not terrible. :) I did much better on the things aroung Mark than Mark himself (mainly because most of them have straight edges! ^^) But I think it came out OK.

Sketch: 1 March 2007
Digital artyness: 10, 19 September 2009
App: Paint Shop Pro 5.01

Copyright © 2011 Mark Kéy-Balchin.