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Author's Comment

I guess this was more funny to me when I first drew it than it is now, I dunno.

Trust me: The film referred to here is, of course, Liar Liar, Jim Carrey's defining movie as a comedian; specfically the scene where he fights a pen. Mark is a lot more coolheaded/less crazy, so it's not as funny when he tries to do it. :)

The disappearing bag 'Tis Mark's bag of holding! :D Seriously, the theory is that Mark's had his schoolbag with him the entire time; it's just been out of shot or behind him or something. (When I needed him to pull out a pad and pen. it wasn't 'till later that I realised I'd forgotten to draw the schoolbag in elsewhere!)

Drawing style: This is the last comic to use my *ahem* "old style" of sketching - indeed, the next comic was drawn almost a year after this one. It's not drastically different, and in fact the differences might not be that noticable, due to the changes I've made during the digital artyness process. Oh well. :D

Sketch: 5 March 2007
Digital artyness: 6-7 October 2009
App: Paint Shop Pro 5.01

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