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Author's Comment

I've been procrastinating on this one for quite a while, so I decided to just get on with it and finish it. ^^;

Linart and shading: Quite a bit of the lineart from this had to be altered from the original sketch (especially the characters!) simply because of the... roughness of the whole thing. I think it came out alright (but I'm biased, so if you have something to say, make sure to comment!)

With regards to shading, I decided to experiment with some different brush sizes, feathers and opacities than I usually use. It looks quite a bit better (at least to me) than previous comics, so I'll probably be sticking with this technique from here onwards.

Background: This comic has quite a bit of background detail, compared to the last few. As an aside, I love doing backgrounds, especially ones with lots of colour and detail (although it does contribute quite a bit to said procrastination!)

Henderson locals might recognise the park in the background as Te Pai Park (at least, before they ruined updated it. :( )

Speaking of the background, you may have noticed that I've redrawn the "same" background three different times. What's with that? Well, I simply don't believe in copy-and-pasting backgrounds. It might be a silly stance to take, but I believe it would help me better myself as an artist, as well as help me with consistency. You may think otherwise, and that's fine with me.

Matt: This comic marks the first time we see Matt in the "Truth" storyline (we last saw him in CAB#6.) Matt plays a big role in the story from here on. (But how, you ask? Well that would be telling, wouldn't it? :D )

Character style: Finally, this is the first comic with my current character style. While there are several differences between old and new, the most noticeable change is the eye-gleams.

Phew, that was a long commentary! One last thing, I'd like to wish a happy 2010 to everyone!

Sketch: 5 January 2008
Foreground Lineart: 10 October 2009
Background Lineart: 12 October, 14 November, 12 December 2009, 10 February 2010
Background Paint: 10-11 February 2010
Foreground Paint: 10, 12 February 2010
Text: 12 February 2010

Copyright © 2011 Mark Kéy-Balchin.