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Author's Comment

Express yourself! One of my favourite parts of this comic are Matt's expressions on panels 2 and 3 - the suprised, slightly skeptical look in panel 2 especially, but the smug ponderence in panel 3 as well.

Characterisations: This comic marks the point where the look of the characters become much more consistant from now on. I'd have to check, but it may have been because I sat down and decided to finalise the look of everyone, or else because I was using my previous comics more as guidelines, rather than just drawing it straight off the top of my head.

Three panels? When I sketched this back in 2008, I decided not to break the dialog in Panel 2 into two panels for pacing reasons. Unfortunately, this has the effect of making the comic look somewhat lopsided...

Don't worry, this is the last time a comic has an irregular number of panels, promise! Although, now that I've finished this, I think a awkward pause would fit nicely btween panel 2 and 3, but what's done is done. :)

Sunrise: I wanted to show some progression of time in this comic compared to previous ones, so I decided to add in some visual hints that the sun was higher in the sky - the sky and grass are lighter colours, and the shadows are shorter. Oh, and the sun itself! ^^

The logic to this is that previously, the sun was out of frame (to the left of the "camera") and lower in the sky. It also gives me an excuse to practice some lighting effects as well, which I always have fun doing. :D

On the other hand, I also decided not to shade the characters and bubbles. This is mainly because I wanted them to stand out more against the background, but me being lazy (after shading all the background) had sommin' to do with it as well. (There's also the fact that when the sun is high enough in the sky, any shadows tend to be rather weak, especially on fabric which doesn't reflect very well.)


Sketch: 5 February 2008
Foreground Lineart: 03 March 2010
Background Lineart: 19-21, 23 April 2010
Background Paint: 23-25 April 2010
Foreground Paint: 24 April 2010
Text: 25 April 2010

Copyright © 2011 Mark Kéy-Balchin.