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Author's Comment

Let me clarify that Mark is kind of fast-pacing, trying to think to see if there's a way out of the position Matt's placed him in. (Why he didn't just run is another question, but he might figure Matt'd just catch up with him at school. Besides, he's his best friend, so it's not like it's much of a problem if he lets this person know.)

Potion rules: I thought I'd lay down some of the rules of the truth potion the Ambers spiked Mark's drink with: You can delay the answer as long as you like, but you must blurt it out eventually. Also, the longer you keep yourself from answering, the greater a feeling of compulsion wells up inside you, until it's nigh impossible to stop yourself from answering.

Hair fairies: This comic had two artistic purposes: to draw the characters up close, and to draw hair responding to fast motion. Matt looks kind of odd, so I somewhat failed the first one, but I think I did OK with the hair thing. And if not, I guess I could always blame magical hair manipulation fairies.

Background: I seem to have a nasty habit of leaving backgrounds out of the sketches for some comics, and this was one of them. Since I'm terrible at digital lineart without some kind of guide, I decided to paint in the hills and path with airbrush (similar to this comic), and used that to base the lineart on. And then re-painted the whole thing complete with shading and light effects.

Also, OK, so I kind of lied when I said this was the last time we'd see this background - but only kind of. See, it's a zoomed in version, so it doesn't count! Heh. Heh. ^^;

OK, completely new background next comic, promise!

Sketch: 22-23, 27 May; 02 July 2008
Foreground Lineart: 22 November 2010
Background Lineart Guide: 22 November 2010
Background Lineart: 23, 25 November 2010
Paint: 29 November 2010
Speech, Header: 30 November 2010

App: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8.10

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