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Author's Comment

What, you didn't think I'd actually reveal it? Where else would I get PLOT-RELEVENT DRAMA from?

OK, just kidding. This isn't going to be a relationship comic, and while I am going to have some relationships depicted, they're not going to be a main part of the plot. Maybe a few side stories, but rest assured this isn't going to turn into Bittersweet Candy Bowl.

(On another note, Bittersweet Candy Bowl! It's a pretty good comic, if you don't mind relationship drama.)

BWARP: It was during the making of this comic that I discovered that I can't actually draw trucks. When I drew the truck (before the rest of the background), it looked terrible, even after quite a few modifications. I even considered not including the truck in the final image. It really wasn't until after the background was complete and painted that I took another look and it looked a heck of a lot better than by itself. Ah well - it may be only an okay truck, but good enough's as good in a pinch.

I knew it!: I doubt he'd remember it, but the real-life person that Matt is based upon once guessed correctly who my crush was at the time, and this is a little shout-out to that. I used my NINJA WORDSMITH SKILLS (that is, not being exactly 100% truthful) to make it seem like I was denying it, but if he ever reads this and remembers the specific incident I'm talking about (doubtful, but eh), I want him to know he was right, and he can commence teasing me about it if he so wishes. (But that doesn't mean he can spread it around, either. :p)

Sketch: 04, 12-13 August 2008
Foreground Lineart: 3 December 2010
Background Lineart: 27 March, 5-6, 11 April 2011
Background Lineart Guide (buildings): 11 April 2011
Background Paint: 7-8, 11 April 2011
Foreground Paint: 11, 19 April 2011
Speech, Header: 12, 19 April 2011

App: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8.10

Copyright © 2011 Mark Kéy-Balchin.