Comic Strip

Changelog for Comic Strip Version 1.0 (as of Build 09)

NOTE: Build dates are listed after the build number. These dates are written in the format dd-mm-yyyy.

1.0 Build 09 05-07-2009

- UI no longer locks up while loading a comic.
- Comic labels now blank on start.

Build 08 27-06-2009

- Can now grab URL of image from page for HTML-type comics
- Added Advanced Options section to Add/Edit Comic dialog - all settings can be changed using said dialog.
- Reorganised Add/Edit Comic dialog.
- Buttons now have icons.
- Fixed bug that caused an error when displaying Author Comments.

Build 07 01-03-2009

- Elevates under Windows Vista.
- Back-forward buttons go between comics.
- If the selected date's comic doesn't exist, Comic Strip now goes back to the previous existing comic (if an image comic).
- Main window reorganised to be less cluttered.
- New icon for executable.

Build 06 02-09-2008

- Artist/Author Comments can grab snippit from page instead of the whole page itself (via editing the Comic List file.)
- Remove button now works.
- Reorganised Add/Edit Comic dialog.
- Added non-functional Help button.

Build 05 28-11-2007

- Artist/Author Comments added.
- Add/Edit Comic dialog tab order fixed.

Build 04 05-07-2007

- Edit Comic functionality added.
- Loading/error images added.
- Website links shifted from side of window to top.

Build 03 12-04-2007

- Add Comic button/dialog added.
- Website links now work.
- Non-functional Edit and Remove buttons added.

Build 02 07-01-2007

- Program now reads off editable comic list file
- Multiple comic switching added.

Build 01 02-01-2007

- Fixed to one comic (The Wotch)
- Date control implimented.
- Non-functional "comic list", website links (Website, Bio, FAQ, Donate, Forum)

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