Readme - Corkboard Server and Client 1.0 Build 03

Last Updated: 28 September 2009

This readme file contains information about placeholder icons and buttons, known bugs and problems with Corkboard 1.0 Build 03.


1. Placeholders

2. General Bugs

1. Placeholders

2. General Bugs

2.1 Notes cannot be created when the number of notes is equal to six or zero.

Details: When you add a new note when the number of notes is either six, nothing apparently happens.

Cause: This occurs because the Client can only display six notes. Subsequent notes are created, they're just not visible.

Workaround:Navigate to the msg sub-directory in the Server's directory and delete the "6.crk" file to make room for a new note.

2.2 The client refuses to refresh, leaving a blank notes area.

Details: When you add or delete a note, occasionally the note display blanks, but does not refresh.

Cause: This occurs because a packet collision has occured somewhere in the network.

Workaround: Click the refresh button to refresh the notes view.

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