Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek v1
Lilo & Stitch Go To Japan version 1
Chapter 1: The Tickets

“I got them!”

“You are getting what?”

Why is it that whenever I am creating most evil genius work, Pleakly comes barging in? I mean, is it hard enough to be asking to be left alone once and awhile?

Jumba, cross and annoyed, put his hands on his hips.

Pleakly waved some little bits of paper in Jumba’s face.

“I won!”

“Won what?”

A loud explosion engulfed the experimental project area.

Oh well, so much for that.

“Jumba, what was that? Did you blow up the house again?”

Older girl came running in.

Well, of cause I am not blowing up house, otherwise ‘twould not still be being here! Jumba thought.

“I got them!”

“What is Pleakly screaming about this time?”

Little Girl wandered in, and behind her, genius experiment 626.

Why is everyone asking me? wondered Jumba.

“I got them!”


“I got them!”

“Got what!” all present yelled at him, remarkably at the same time.

“A family pass to Tokyo!”

Nani fainted.

Lilo shouted “Cool! We get to see Godzilla!”

I would like to be meeting this Godzilla, he is sounding veeery evil…

Anyway, 626 said something Jumba could roughly translate to being “Ooooh… Big city…” (It sounded sooo much better in Tantalog…).

And Jumba… just stood there.


Pleakly looked like he was expecting something from him.

“Well… have always wanted to see 626 destroy large city…”


So, there Jumba was, two minutes later, at the top of a stairwell, thinking about the Battle on Zarploc IV.

“Jumba, why aren’t you packing your stuff?”

Because, Mr One-Eyed Wonder, I am thinking about Battle on…

“Come on!”

He dragged Jumba up to his room.

So much for that.


Having finished packing his bags of clothes, food, evil genius technology and evil genius expe… er, pastry… Jumba headed towards the door.


“What is it being this time!”

“Er… the front door’s this way.”

Oh. Right.


“Aloha ‘oe, aloha ‘oe…”

Am I ever telling you how bad 626 is singing? It is so bad, that… never mind. Anyway, he is being probably worse singer in this automobile…

“Farewell to me, farewell to me…”

I am standing corrected, Jumba thought. Once again, One Eyed Noodle is showing me that he cannot do anything right. And he is not even knowing the correct words…


Five painful minutes later, the buggy had reached Coconut Cow’s Town Airport.

These Americans, they are being very… um, what is word… very determind to be showing who is owning what… I think ‘tis being possessive…

They all got out at Terminal 3.

Why get tickets if we can just be flying in evil genius’s ship? I would be feeling much safer in superior spacecraft than rusty tin can.


“How may I help you?”

Yay. It is too cheerful lady from cruise ship.

“My name is Tiffany! I’ll be your flight attendent.”

And what is being worse, she is coming with us… just to be hoping she is not putting us in evil playhouse…


“Last call for flight JA6893 from Kokaua Town to Tokyo, Japan.”

‘Tis not only Americans which are being determined to show off, Jumba mused. I mean, ‘Tokie’s Yo-Yo’? That is just being ridiculous… I am not seeing small child amusement anywhere in brochure…

Jumba started calculating the true value of pi when Pleakly grabbed him by the arm.

“That’s our flight! Come on!”

So much for that.

Author's Comment

Ah, classic 2005 Mark mistake #1 - compressing three chapters worth of scenes into one (rather short) chapter!

As you might be able to tell, Jumba does a lot more thinking in this chapter than in most of the stuff I wrote at the time. That's because I originally wrote this chapter and the next in first-person format, and then later converted it to third-person when I run into problems with the format later on. (I think one of the problems I was having at the time is that I found it hard to write an entire chapter in a single POV, and when combined with my at-the-time habit of compressing scenes, it created more issues than it was worth).

Of course, now I probably could write this fic in first-person, but I think it works better in third-person.

Evil genius expe… er, pastry… I don't think I was ever planning to seriously introduce another new experiment in this fic - rather this was another example of my quirky sense of humour (as well as me just being a tease. :p) I might have planned for it to be some kind of experimental technology, but I'm not too sure now.

Coconut Cow’s Town: Another bit of my quirky humour, derived from Alohilani's fics, where Jumba would mishear/mistake common city names for phrases in English. I didn't use the gag much - eventually I didn't think it was as funny as I had back then, and I couldn't think of how Jumba could actually make such a mistake - for some names it gets rather convoluted to rationalise how he could mistake one for the other, and while his grammar might be messed up, as far as I could tell he could hear just fine.


Original author's comment:

Before I start, Lilo & Stitch are copyright © 2003-2005 Disney Enterprises. You'd have to be reeeally stupid to think I own them…

Original comments

Kioko the pirate on 29th September 2005 @ 6:58 a.m.:

I wonder who Lilo and Stitch will meet in Japan? If its who I think it is then... my god. Anyway what was with that coconut cow town thing there? Well, anyway, this looks like it could be rather interesting so update soon. I still wonder though who they are going to meet, its got me nervous now. Later.

HeMeleNoLilo on 29th September 2005 @ 9:13 a.m.:

I can already tell I'm gonna love this. So, tell me, my little fanfic writing one, did the Jumba-mistaking-place-names-for-possessives thing come from me, cause if not it's sort of creepy we both thought of the same thing...

x636 on 29th September 2005 @ 10:14 a.m.:

I wonder who Lilo and Stitch will meet in Japan? If its who I think it is then... my god. Anyway what was with that coconut cow town thing there? Well, anyway, this looks like it could be rather interesting so update soon. I still wonder though who they are going to meet, its got me nervous now. Later.

MarkKB on 29th September 2005 @ 3:09 p.m.:

HeMeleNoLiloLover: It was a good idea, and I'm not the one to let a good idea die... though, when I wrote it, I wasn't actually thinking about any of your fanfics...

HeMeleNoLiloLover, Kioko the pirate, Ri2: Since all of your questions are related, I might as well answer them all at once: This is a huge pun on Jumba's accent. Basically, Jumba mispronounces a lot of things, leading him to believe that some place names are so because of the thing/person that owns them, or an object in said place. It all started with 'Minnie's Soda'... Basically, Coconut Cow's Town is 'Kokaua Town' and Tokie's Yo-Yo is 'Tokyo'. If you're still confused, check out Lilo & Stitch go to Camp Snoopy by HeMeleNoLiloLover.

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