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Chapter 10: Coffee, Stitch and Frogs

“I am not sure.”

Jumba led 419 and 626 through the coffee outlet to the counter.

“I see whachya mean,” 419 replied, “but what logical reason would Nani have to agree?”

“Nota worak, Nani ishtail?” Stitch asked.

“And be left alone with Little Girl, Pleakley and 426?” asked Jumba, trying to muffle a laugh. “I doubt that would be anyone’s idea of restful.”

At the counter sat a young Japanese teenager; in one hand was what could only be assumed to be the equivalent of Personal Computer World, and the youth was reading this intently.

Jumba coughed. The dude didn’t move.

“Er… hajimashite?” 419 asked in a high-pitched voice.

At this the teen jumped; he proceeded to hurriedly stow the magazine in a drawer.

“Hajimashite, watashi no namae wa Joshi desu,” he stammered quickly, scattering some of the pens on the desk.


“He says his name is Joshi, and he apologises for his unpreparedness,” 419 translated.

“Why is he bowing head? No-one has died…”

“No, no, no… that’s an almost universal greeting in Japan. It’s a sign of respect, it’s acknowledging your existence. Bow back.”

“If you insist…”

Jumba preformed a sweeping bow. Stitch nodded his head.

The counter-person smiled sheepishly and muttered something about ‘gaijin’.[1]

“Gochuu man wa ochimari desuka?”

“Hai, koohii o...”

Suddenly, she noticed 626 sneaking behind the counter-guy.

“ hitotsu kudasai.”

Placing his head between the coffee spill collection platform and the nozzel, 626 turned on the coffee machine.

“Denbu de nihyakuen desu,” said the counter-guy.[2]

419 nodded and retrieved 200 yen from her wallet. Stitch pulled his head from under said coffee machine and climbed onto the ceiling.

Having stored the money in a cash register, Joshi grabbed a cup and put it on the tray.

“626!” 419 scoulded as Stitch jumped down. “You could get us thrown out!”


“Ahem,” the counter-guy ahemed, holding Stitch’s drink.

419 gave it to Stitch.

“Be careful, it’s...”

Stitch glugged it down.


He burped.

“Ee, Suteicchi wa koohii ga dai suki desu,” said 419, noticing the amazed look on Joshi’s face. “Jamata!”[3]


“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with… er…”

“Hey guys,” 419 interrupted, “what we miss?”

“Well,” said Lilo, “Nani went to the bathroom,” (the sound of a toilet flushing could be heard in the distance) “and 426 almost got arrested.” (426 and a security guard were fighting over a box of pizza.)

“And I got this hat,” said Pleakley. “Isn’t it facinating?”


“Hey, Madison!”

Madison, a ten-year-old girl with long black hair, a white shirt and midnight-blue dress, and a camcorder hanging by her sholder, turned to face her best friend, Sakura, who was blading towards her.

“How’s the report coming along?”

“Not good,” replied Sakura. “A thousand words about frogs. I don’t even know a thousand words!”

“Could be worse.”

“Worse?” Sakura waved her hands in the air. “How could it be conceivably worse?”

“We could be the CWSA class.”[4]

“Good point.”

“I saw one of their homework assignments. They had to bring in a forklift to load it into the car!”

Sakura laughed. “Make sure Zachary doesn’t hear you, or we’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Hey, there’s Julian.”

“Where? Who? How do I look?”

“Fine!” called Julian from his bike, causing Sakura to blush.

Madison smiled.

“So... once we get to school, will it be straight to the Tower?”

“No,” said Madison, “Mr. Terada insisted we fit a little ‘local history’ in before the trip.”

“Great, more research.”

“Look on the bright side,” said Madison cheerfully, “Tokyo Tower! And I’ll be there to capture every moment on film!”

“Don’t ever change,” said Sakura, laughing.



[1] ^ Gaijin is the Japanese word for foreigner, a contraction of ‘gaikokujin’ (outside country person). Some feel that the latter should be used, and that the former is an insult. However, others do not.

[2] ^ The conversation that 419 and the counter-guy have can be translated thusly:

CG: Are you ready to order?
419: Yes, coffee...
419: one, please.
CG: That will be 200 yen.

[3] ^ 419 says here, "Yeah, Stitch really likes coffee. See ya!”

[4] ^CWSA stands for Children With Special Abilities, generally for people who excel tremendiously at study and/or tests. It may also be known as GAT (Gifted And Talented).

Author's Comment

Hajimashite! I really like how this scene came out - it's one of the few early ones where I think I achieved the right balance of humor and storytelling, without too much of either. (It also gave me the chance to practice my Japanese conversations!)

The facinating hat: This kind of scene, where Lilo lists a bunch of stuff with varying degrees of seriousness, some with sound effects, and then Pleakley chimes in with something mundane, was one of the few recurring tropes of Lilo & Stitch: The Series, and one that amused me for some reason. So, I decided to add it in here.

"I don't even know a thousand words!" There's something about this phrase that amuses me as well - it might be the mix of seriousness and naievity inherent in its use (you don't need to know a thousand words to write a thousand words, of course.)

Julian: Some people on the interwebs said that Nelvana cut out Sakura's crush on Julian in the dub. The thing is, I quite clearly remembered Sakura having a crush on Julian, so when I got the oppotunity to watch the episodes again recently, that was one of the things I was looking for.

And, well, the interwebs were wrong - in fact, it's kinda hard to miss! Suffice to say, I'm not going to be listening too much to the Internets anym-

Oh, hang on, just got an email from... woah, a Nigerian prince! And he wants to give me moneys! Awesome! Now, where's my bank info...

A comment! These days, whenever I get a comment on one my works, positive or negative, I'm pretty much over the moon about it! A small part of that might be that I miss getting feedback on everything, but mainly it's the fact that someone cared enough about one of my works to leave their thoughts. (Sadly enough, they often don't stick around, but that's mainly my update schedule [or lack thereof] to blame, methinks.)

Avatarjk137 also noticed the lack of double-spacing (that is, seperating paragraphs with a blank gap) in my stories that I mentioned back in chapter 5 (I didn't have the heart to tell anyone that it was intentional.) I think I caved and started double-spacing soon after this chapter.

One more thing: I said in the author's notes that this is set in Season 1 of Cardcaptors. If you've read ahead, you'll know that's just plain wrong - Eli and the reference to the Piano Incident place this clearly in Season 2. At this point, though, I had different ideas about how the two groups would meet than I do now, and none of them involved Eli. But more on that later.

Ah, here's my bank info! Now to make MELLEONS! MWAHAHAHA!

The above was merely a lame attempt at comedy, and not serious financial advice. Mark cannot be held accountable for any loss of monetary funds that may occur when dealing with Nigerian princes over the Internet.


Original author's comment:

First off, I apologise if I get any of this wrong, I'm still learning.

And, since I haven't mentioned it, Cardcaptors/Card Captor Sakura is © CLAMP, Kodansha, NEP21 and Nelvana. This is set in Season One of the Nelvana dub. (Not the mashed-up version seen in the US, but the one seen in the UK, Canada and Australasia.)

Original comments

avatarjk137 on 17 January 2007 @ 10:59 p.m.:

Not bad. Your paragraph structure is off, but that could be your word processor vs. I know nothing about Card Captor Sakura, though. I might still continue reading because you have such a good grasp on Jumba's speech and the way Lilo's family interacts with each other.

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