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Chapter 12: Crazy Stories

“And ever since, his ghost has haunted Tokyo Tower, howling to the moon,” finished Zachary, a scruffy boy with constantly closed eyelids.

“Really?” asked a girl with curly black hair.

“Uhuh, true story. That’s why you’re not allowed ‘round the park surrounding it after dark. Y’know, they’ve got…”

But he stopped, for his cousin had grabbed him by the ear and was now pulling him away.

“Ow… ow… ow…”

“How many times have I asked you to stop telling your crazy stories?” she scolded him as he ambled behind her.

“Crazy? Ow… Chelsea… ow… they’re not crazy!”

Chelsea dropped him and placed her hands on her hips.

“Poltergeists throwing stuff off the school roof? Ghouls in those caves making people disappear? They sure sound crazy to me.”

“My analytical skills,” Zachary said, picking himself up, “are top notch, thank you very much. It’s not like the music room piano destroyed itself, y’know.”

“It could have been… er… a teacher with a grudge? I don’t know…”


“But you don’t know either! It’s not like you were there or anything.”

“True but… hey, Sakura!”

Chelsea looked around. Rocking back and forth on her heels was Sakura, her cheeks pink with embarrassment.

“What’s up with you?”


“Oh… nothing,” sing-songed Sakura; it had been her actions that had sent the piano down the perilous path to destruction.

“Uhuh… whatever.”

“So, how did ya do on that test last week?” she quickly asked; perhaps a little too quickly, for Chelsea gave her a weird look.

“Er… B-minus,” she said slowly, as if she had doubts on whether answering was a good idea.

“C-plus!” exclaimed Zachary excitedly.

“Best score he’s gotten all year,” muttered Chelsea, rolling her eyes. “So, how about you guys?”

“I got a B-minus as well,” replied Sakura.

“B-plus,” rang a voice from behind Sakura.

“Madison!” Sakura said in surprise. “I’d wondered where you’d gone.”

“I did have difficulty on the last question, though,” Madison continued. “Did anyone get that?”

“Rita, probably,” murmured Chelsea. “Hey Rita!”

The girl with curly black hair looked up. Chelsea beckoned her to come over, which she did, although rather hesitantly; Chelsea was known for her fierce personality.

“Rita, we were just talking about the test, and we were wondering how ya did.”

“Well, I got a…”

But Rita never finished her sentence.

“OK, class, in your seats and settle down.”

At the sound of Mr. Terada’s voice, Rita jumped. Chelsea raised her eyebrow.


After the collective sounds of chairs scraping and pencil cases dumping had receded, Mr. Terada wrote some stuff on the board. The kids, too exited to concentrate, all pretended to scribble down notes; instead opting to draw, doodle and ruler-fight. After the fifth imaginary fencing match concluded, the bell rang for second period, and Mr. Terada led the class to the buses waiting outside.

Down the hallways the babbling brook of students went, until halted by a huffing noise; a rather annoyed but tired voice explained between breaths that something unexpected had come up and he’d been delayed. With a slightly disapproving “mm-hmm”, Mr. Terada signalled for him to move to the back of the class, where the corresponding students were craning their necks to see who it was.

A young boy, not much older than Sakura, made his way through the groups of gossiping tweens, his spiky hair shaking up and down, a rather serious look on his face. Indeed, Li Showrun was hardly ever seen without this look, and he would often use it scathingly upon the many things that he disapproved of, including girl talk, stuffed animals, and their old substitute, Ms. Mackenzie.

As the rest of the class started moving again, Sakura asked Li what the matter was.

“What d’ya mean?”

“You seem...” Sakura searched for the right word.

“…upset,” finished Madison.

“Forget it, I’ll tell you later,” he murmured as he ascended the steps of the bus.


From the corner of his eye, someone was watching Sakura.

Eli Moon had always had the unnatural ability to look as if he was staring straight ahead when his eyes were elsewhere. Granted, it meant that he seemed almost dazed at times, but it did have advantages.

Then again, what was natural about him?

Suddenly, he felt a jab in his shoulder. Zachary.

“Er… are you all right?” he asked.

Concern. Pfft.

“Er… yeah, I’m fine. Just… thinking.”

“It’s just that… you seem to think a lot.”

“Why, is that a bad thing?”

“No, not at all! Thinking leads to knowing, that’s what my old man always said.”

Eli thought about this. Some silent moments passed.

Zachary’s silence struck Eli as odd, and he wondered how he could bear to stay quiet. Before he could mention this, however, the voice of their teacher rang throughout the bus.

“OK, is that everybody?” yelled Mr. Terada over the incessant talking, yakking and general chit-chat.

“Yes, Mr. Terada,” the children chorused, before returning to the conversations they were so rudely interrupted from.


Author's Comment

Howling to the moon: One of my favourite characters from Cardcaptors has to definitely be Zachary. His stories were, if nothing else, fascinating, and I get the feeling that out of the muggles in the cast, Zachary is most definitely the one who's most in-tune with the events occurring around him - even if it makes him sound crazy!

(And besides, for some reason I love the whole 'puling someone away by their ear to stop them making a fool of themselves' gag! ^^;)

The park surrounding Tokyo Tower: At some point in time, I somehow got the idea in my head that there was a park surrounding Tokyo Tower. There is no park - it is surrounded by roads on two sides and carparks on the other two - so I have no idea how I came to that conclusion.

I've decided to keep that sentence in the second version, though - it kind of emphasises Zachary's at-times naïvety (in this case, simply because he's never been to Tokyo Tower before.)

"They sure sound crazy to me." Chelsea is referencing to Zachary's version of the events of the two episodes "The Cave" and "The Dangerous Piano".

(If those were Zachary's explanation's for those events in the series proper, it'd be an interesting coincidence - when I wrote this chapter, I didn't remember many specifics about Cardcaptors, since the last time I'd seen it was way back in 2002!)

Drawing, doodling and ruler-fighting: Out of my early chapters, this paragraph and the one following it has to be some of my favourite pieces of description. It just has this very nice flow about it that I didn't often do back then in my fics.

Eli and... Zachary?: If my memory serves me, after Eli entered the series, he and Zachary would tag-team for their crazy stories together. I'm not sure if I remembered this when I paired the two as field trip partners here - I think I figured that they made an interesting pair of opposing personalities.

An unnatural ability: Given Eli's story arc in the series (and, well, his origin as well), I figured it would be natural for him to have magic based around avoiding detection - thus, the ability to change his field of view without affecting the motion of his eyes. (It's something I came up with for this fic, so again, if Eli did have that ability, it'd be an incredible coincidence because if he did, I don't remember it at all.)


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