Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek v1
Lilo & Stitch Go To Japan version 1
Chapter 2: Catch You Catch Me

“Ohayoo gozaimasu!”

Two girls and a boy walked into the already overflowing classroom and took their seats, the girls beside each other and the boy behind.

“Now, listen up, people.”

The teacher rapped the blackboard with his stick.

Everyone silenced themselves immediately.

“Now, I know you’ve been absolutely begging me for a field trip to Tokyo Tower…”

Cheering filled the room.

“…but unfortunately, we can’t go today.”

The previously psyched up students fell crestfallen.

“That is why I expect you all to be in mufti tomorrow… and yes, Zachary, we bring a backpack, not a bandanna on a stick.”

The teacher blocked his ears instinctively as the multiple talk of “Yay!”, Yes!”, and the occasional “You owe me five bucks…” reached the decibel level of a jet at take off.


“Yay, we’re actually going to Tokyo!”

Tokyo, Home of the Cherry Blossom, sushi and Godzilla. And that funny looking car…

Anyway, the Pelikai family were sitting in the terminal, waiting for Pleakly to check out his tickets with Twinklehead.

Well, at least, Jumba and Nani were. Lilo was playing Hide and Go Seek with Stitch.

“Ready or not, here I come!”

Now where is he?

Lilo walked over to the doughnut bar. After all, he could have been there… and Lilo was hungry.

A cool Japanese song was playing in the background… appropriate because it was about catching stuff… probably. It was almost impossible to tell between the Japanese and the sub-standard airport speakers… Oh well.

Lilo grabbed a doughnut and sat down with Jumba.

“Whatchya doin’?”

“Just playing around with evil genius exp… I mean, pastry. What is little girl doing?”

“Looking for Stitch. Have you seen him?”

Jumba looked at Lilo for a bit, then looked at the doughnut bar.

“Are you seeing over there? That doughnut pile?”


“I have been noticing something over there… doughnut mysteriously vanishes every 20.43 seconds… right on time.”

Jumba was right!

A doughnut had been quickly removed from the pile by someone with sharp blue claws…

Lilo crept around the back of the bar. There was Stitch, pigging out on doughnuts.


“Er… ha-ha-hi!”

Just then, Pleakly came in.

“The tickets have been cleared, and we’re supposed to be boarding the plane now…”

Lilo pulled Stitch on to his feet and dragged him down the hall and across the terminal towards Customs.



“Um… Mr… Jookiba, please step this way.”

“What is being problem?”

Pleakly watched as Jumba was taken away.

Don’t worry, Pleakly, he hasn’t done anything wrong…

Pleakly tried, unsuccessfully, to reassure himself…

But what if he has? What if he’s done something evil? What if he’s arrested? What if our secret’s discovered and we’ll have to live out our lives on the run from the FBI or if the MIB lock us up and we’ll be eaten alive by all the rats and the worms and the mosquitoes and the Gsunials…

“All right, Jookiba, you can go.”

Pleakly walked up to him calmly.


OK, maybe… not so calmly.

“’Tis only detecting metal… never mind, ‘tis not important.”

No-one ever tells me anything, Pleakly thought.


Everyone was sitting in the aeroplane. Pleakly was musing over some stuff…

Apparently, due to some mixup, we get to take first class! Fascinating…

“This is your captain speaking: Welcome to Japanese Airlines Flight JA6893. We hope you enjoy your flight.”

Pleakly started watching the movie. He thought it was about a polar bear in a blizzard… or something like that.



A bolt of pain shot through Pleakly’s arm. He woke up to find the little monster slobbering over him.

“Are we there yet?”

Lilo looked at him in a concerned way…

“We haven’t even left the ground. It’s been hardly two minutes.”

“But the movie about the blizzard…”

Lilo looked back at the screen.

“That’s static, Pleakly. Just static.”

Oh, yeah, sure, ruin the movie for me… why not just tell me the ending, too!


The plane having left the ground, Pleakly lay back in my reclining chair and watched the ceiling. White.

Then he watched the window. White.

Then he watched his eyeball swivel around its socket in the mirror opposite him. White.

Then he watched the movie. It was about some Hawaiian girl who’d lost her parents and lived with her struggling sister who was being threatened with separation… that kind of thing. He watched it for ten seconds before returning his gaze to the ceiling.

Author's Comment

I feel I've hashed on enough about my various problems with writing this fic specifically and fics in general, so here are some interesting notes:

Chapter Title Of The Day: This chapter's title is the name of the first theme song for CardCaptor Sakura. Here's the awesome Japanese version (sung by GUMI), and here's the not-as-awesome English dub (which also isn't a translation at all. But eh.)

The Japanese version of the song is also the one Lilo hears being played over the airport speakers.

“Ohayoo gozaimasu!” I'll discuss more about the decisions I made about writing for Cardcaptors in the next chapter. Here I'll just note that to my interpretation the students here are bilingual, having a good grasp of both Japanese and English.

Tokyo Tower: What can I say? Okay, yes, Sakura herself has gone to Tokyo Tower several times before, but I thought it might be interesting to have a class trip or something. And besides, the Tower obviously has spiritual ties both to Sakura (the whole Final Battle between her and Yue) and to Tokyo itself, so I'd thought it might make an interesting place to stage our first conflict.

Oh, yeah, sure, ruin the movie for me… One thing I really regretted in the early parts of my fics was Pleakley's characterisation - he was nowhere near this idiotic, not in the films nor in the series. It's something I've been trying to fix with my recent Pleakley-related chapters, and I hope I do him justice - I certainly didn't here.

Then he watched the movie: Pleakley is watching a movie called Riro to Suteicchi. I'll just leave it at that for now.


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