Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek v1
Lilo & Stitch Go To Japan version 1
Chapter 4: Secrets and Stowaways

“How many times have I got to tell you? If you come along, you have to keep quiet!”

“Well, you know how I get around food! If you had just gotten me a hot-dog…”

“I couldn’t have! That girl’s already suspicious enough… she’d think I was following her…”


“…and then I bumped into this girl…”

While Pleakly was trying to sign in (somehow he got the impression that signatures had something to do with five-page essays), Lilo was retelling the events of what happened to Jumba.

“…and then I heard this voice coming from her bag, and then I found Stitch acting like…”

“Wait, wait, wait, hold back!”

Jumba stood up and walked over to Lilo (the couch was creaking dangerously anyway) and examined Lilo closely.

“Little girl, this voice, what is it sounding like?”

“A lot like 625’s…”


Lilo didn’t like the way he said that.


“’Tis nothing!”


“No, really, little girl,” he said unconvincingly.


“Oh, you mean, signature!”

“Yes… what did you think I meant?”

“Er…never mind…”


Having paid the guy his money (Nani made him pay in real cash, after the Honolulu incident she wasn’t risking anything), Pleakly strolled down the hallway of the newly rented suite, humming “Megota Questa”.

“Let’s see… Jumba has Room 21, Nani has Room 32, Lilo & Stitch have Room 22 and I have Room 33.”

He opened the door to his room, whilst opening his briefcase.

“Now for some peace and qui… AHHH!”

Pleakly suddenly dropped his case.

“OW!” the briefcase said, or at least, seemed to say.

Pleakly stared at the case. It jiggled.

“Jumba, my briefcase’s alive!”

Jumba dropped his case (which also made an ‘ow’ noise, though no-one noticed it) and rushed into the room (OK, plodded would be a better description) with a plasma gun (you’ve got to wonder why he always seems to have one on him…).

“Please to be standing back, could be vaary dangerous…”

He picked up the case by it’s bottom, with the plasma gun pointing at the floor, and opened it.

A pair of blue-rimmed glasses fell out, followed by a thing that looked extremely familiar… it fell face first onto the spectacles, picked itself up and slid it’s glasses up it’s nose.

“Um, Pleakly, did you know that your socks have a seventy-three to one stink to sock ratio?”



“Jumba, please, not so loud…”

Nani, who was now behind Pleakly, fixed her with a look that could freeze… that place… down there…

“Why did you come?”

“Well… I’ve never seen Japan, well, y’know, I’ve read about it, and I know all about it, but I’ve never actually seen it, and can I please stay? Pleeeease?”

“Well… OK. But, next time ask before squashing yourself into a briefcase.”


Jumba started walking down the hall.

“And Jumba?”

“What is it being, 419?”

“You might wanna check your briefcase before…”

“Why, nothing but… FOUR-TWO-SIX!”

Author's Comment

If it wasn't clear, the first paragraph in the chapter is Sakura and Kero talking to each-other.

“FOUR-ONE-NINE!” The only reason I didn't mention 419 and 426 in the first few chapters is because they didn't exist yet. After I'd come up with them, I knew I wanted them in this story, so I introduced them in a way that I hope isn't too 'out of nowhere' - however, I can certainly get why one would feel that, since this is the first mention of the two in the story.

The second version will expand on the whereabouts of the two experiments during the first few chapters, hopefully making for a more interesting read and removing those pesky 'where did they come from?' questions.

Subtle, yet humourous: That's how one of my reviewers described my sense of humour in their review for this chapter. Some would say I've been lucky to get mostly good reviews on my stories (and some would say especially considering the quality of said stories. :P )

To be honest, I wish I had more critical reviewers. I know the reviewers I did have can't help liking what they like, but sometimes I look back and wonder why someone who didn't like it didn't review, or why they said some of the things they said. Then again, would I have seen it if they did critique?

(If it's not clear by now, I think my humour back then was subtle the way getting hit by a falling piano is subtle - it comes across as very shoehorned. But that's what hindsight teaches, eh?)

That said, I feel I was rather lucky in that I've never gotten trolled or flamed. Vitriol on its own is next to worthless - constructive critique is useful, OMG THIS SUXORZ is not.

Original author's comment:

As I said in Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek's A/N, I've been busy as of late, and only really got time to do this when the phone lines went down this weekend (which is why I haven't been online these past two days...)


Original comments

Kioko the pirate on 18 October 2005 @ 8:50 a.m.:

The brief caes was alive! Oh wait... it was just an illegal genetic mutation... at least it wasn't anything strange. anyway, Update soon. Later.

HeMeleNoLiloLover on 18 October 2005 @ 1:28 p.m.:

I like your sense of humor... it's subtle, yet... humorous...

MarkKB on 19 October 2005 @ 1:10 a.m.:

HeMeleNoLiloLover: Well, isn't humor, by definition, supposed to be humorous:D

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