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Lilo & Stitch Go To Japan version 1
Chapter 8: Shinjuku Station

Stitch stared out the window.

They were travelling through the Shinjuku District of Tokyo, an area that had so much geek stuff as to make even Jumba look in awe.

Stitch glanced at Jumba. He was chatting enthusiastically with a Japanese person from Osaka, west of Tokyo, about magnetic hard drives vs. optical hard drives vs. flash-based hard drives. Nani was keeping a careful eye on Stitch and Jumba, while Pleakley was attempting to read the bus-route map. Lilo was sitting beside Stitch reading a Japanese TV Guide (well, at least, looking at it.) 419 and 426 were nowhere to be seen.

“Shinjuku Junction!” one of the guys in the front of the bus yelled.

“That’s our stop,” muttered Pleakley to Nani as he stood up. Stitch followed suite.

Jumba, getting the idea, broke off the conversation with a “It was nice to be meeting you,” and clumsily got up as the bus shhhushed to a halt.


Pleakley looked around.

“Er, Jumba,” he whispered as they got off the bus, “where’s your two experiments?”

Jumba stepped on to the ground. The bus shook uneasily, as if it were sensitive about Jumba’s weight.

“Er… I am not knowing…”

At that moment, Lilo’s case knocked.

“Lft… mhe… oht!”

Lilo opened the case to find 419 wrapped in one of her dresses.

“Well, we have to go incognito, don’t we?”

Lilo sighed.



After extracting 426 from Jumba’s brief, Pleakley lead the way to Shinjuku Station.

“With over 2 million passengers travelling through its gates per day,” he read from the guide book, “Shinjuku Station is the most busiest station in the world! Isn’t that fascinating?”

419’s jaw dropped.

The station was about as wide as the entire CBD of Kokaua Town. Two brightly-lit neon signs, one proclaiming “Lumine 1”, the other displaying the stylised logo of Japan Rail, adorned the space above about five giant doors. In front of that was a 5-laned ‘main’ street cramped with cars taking part in the daily traffic jam. Interwoven with the cars were hundreds of people streaming in and out of the station, some chatting on cellphones, some slurping shaved ice and chocolate sundaes.

Only problem was, they had to actually cross that road first.

Pleakley tried simply walking, which resulted in him getting pushed over by a wave of people. Nani tried excusing her way through, which had almost no effect because most of the people a) did not understand English and b) didn’t really care anyway. Stitch grabbed Lilo and jumped along the slow-moving mass of cars to the other end. 426 tried some karate thing that he said he saw on Romeo!. 419 tried singing Achy Breaky Heart, in her opinion one of the most annoying songs ever, expecting everyone to kneel over gasping, blocking their ears, only to discover that the Japanese… didn’t actually care.

Jumba simply waded through the mass, parting the crowd as Hagrid would in Diagon Alley. Pleakley, Nani and the two 400-series experiments followed behind as Jumba ‘please to be excusing’-ed himself through the crowd and to the other side where Lilo and Stitch were waiting.

“What took you so long?” Lilo asked in mock anxiety.

“Eh, have you seen the traffic?” replied 419.

Author's Comment

Yes, the bus conductor/driver speaks only in English, despite the fact that both this one and the previous chapter had people who did/do not know English in it. Suffice to say, I did not think this quite through.

Shinjuku District: If I ever go to Tokyo, I'm staying as far away from Shinjuku as possible, for the sole reason that it'd be too much of a temptation to spend all the money I have in gadget and tech stores. I'd need that for food and stuff!

Maybe I don't need food that much...

Anyway, looking back, I think I was a little too overeager in my description of Shinjuku in this chapter - particularily, Jumba would probably still look down on it as primitive. (Although maybe he'd still be amazed at the sheer quantity of said primitive technology... I dunno.)

Briefcase Experiments: No, I don't know how they got there the second time either. Just go with it, will you? :p

Mock anxiety: The crossing-the-road parts of this chapter feel a little too... silly to me, especially Pleakley and 419's parts. It kind of has too much of a slapstick feel, I think, which isn't what I'm aiming for anymore.

I'll keep the events of this chapter in the new version, but I think I'll tone it down a bit.

Wait, 419 sings? Why yes, yes she does. SHUT UP IT WORKS

Okay, okay, I know. I did intend to bring her singing up in Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek sometime, but I really couldn't find a place to fit it.

So, since this scene doesn't establish how well she sings (merely how terrible she considers the song she's singing) I guess you'll have to imagine for yourselves how well she sings (or how poorly, as the case may be).


Original author's comment:

As with Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek, I've done another chapter for this one as well, which I will upload in two days.

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