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Lilo & Stitch Go To Japan version 1
Chapter 9: A Mini Shopping Mall

“Woah, it’s like a mini sho…”

Nani put Lilo’s hand over her mouth and took her aside.

“Remember what I told you back in the hotel?” asked Nani sweetly.

Lilo thought about this. Nani was acting all nice. If Nani is acting nice, it means she wants something. And if she wants something, that means…

“No,” said Lilo calmly.

“Don’t-mention-the-S-word,” said Nani through gritted teeth.

“You mean, shop?”

“Shh!” hissed Nani. She looked around, as if she was worried someone might be listening.

“You know how Pleakley gets around shopping malls,” she continued, hands on hips, “and all we need is another Westfield Mall incident on our hands.”

“It was only a bracelet,” stated Lilo.

“And 300 pounds of cement! Jumba couldn’t move for weeks!”

“I think we shouldn’t dwell on the past,” Lilo said, and with that she walked off to chat with Pleakley.



“What is it, Stitch?” Jumba asked from behind Knowing Magazine.

“Meega unchuga!” said Stitch, pointing at his mouth.

“You want coffee or soda?”


“OK, wait a moment…”

Jumba turned to 419.

“Er… 419, you studied Japanese, didn’t you?”


419 looked up from what she was reading.

“Oh… yeah, I did.”

“Could you tell me what ‘coffee’ is? 626’s thirsty.”

“Well, since it’s just a simple transliteration…”

“419, today would be nice.”

“OK, it’s ‘koohii.’


“No, koohii. Long vowel sounds.”

“Oh. OK…”

Jumba sunk into thoughtful thoughtfulness.

“Er… Jumba…”

“Huh?” grunted Jumba, snapping out of the thoughtful thoughtfulness.

“There’s a coffee shop right over there,” said 419, pointing to a shop with a giant coffee mug hanging over it.

“Oh. Right. Coffee.”

Jumba tapped Nani on the shoulder.

“Er… we’re just going to get 626 a drink, and um… we’ll catch up shortly.”

He blocked his ears in anticipation, waiting for the ‘no’.

“Okay,” said Nani.

Huh? thought Jumba.


Three less people I have to watch! thought Nani.


“So… whachya doin’?” questioned Lilo.

“I’m reading some information about Tokyo in this handy guide book,” replied Pleakly. “It’s fascinating!”

“I’ll bet,” Lilo pretended to agree, albeit unconvincingly. “So, wanna play a game?”

“What… kind of game?” Pleakly hesitantly asked.

“Oh, just Eye Spy. I’m bored.”

“Okaaay… Should I start or you?”

“I’ll start. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with M.”

Pleakley looked around. There was a giant coffee mug, an information desk, a fountain, seats, a food court, and…


“Yep. Your turn…”


426, meanwhile, was staring at the food court.

“No,” said Nani firmly, interpreting exactly what 426 was thinking.





“Stitch gets to…”

“Stitch is getting a drink.”



“Can I...”


Author's Comment

"300 pounds of cement!" Ah, noodle incident (complete with walking noodle!)

I'm not actually too sure what I intended with this. Whatever happened, suffice to say, Pleakley had a lot of 'splaining to do that day.

"Could you tell me what ‘coffee’ is?" This question is rather moot, since Jumba doesn't know what the katakana for 'koohi' looks like, and so couldn't read it even if the sign was right in front of him. I did mention my tendancy to not think things through, right?

Kohi: Earlier, I mentioned how much Alohilani inspired me in my early days of fanfiction writing (being one of the few Lilo & Stitch fanfic writers who could actually write, and write really well at that). Jumba's mispronounciation was 'intentional' on my part - a small reference to one of her OC experiments.

Three less people I have to watch! Urgh - I'm pretty sure that Nani would have quite a few more misgivings about letting Jumba and two experiments wander about unwatched than that. (Oh, what storytelling fails I did in the pursuit of comedy...)

“Mannequin?” One thing I really really failed to get across in this scene is that Lilo was trying to get Pleakley to notice all the shops in the not-a-shopping-mall to spite her sister, thus her first choice for I Spy.


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