A Trip To Japan

A Trip To Japan version 2 | part of the Starlight Series.

A trip to Japan isn't all it seems to be... Lilo & Stitch meets a person who's not all that different to them...

| Last updated 18 November 2013 | version 2 | 3,721 words over 2 chapters | Rated PG.


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Chapter 1: The Tickets
Chapter 2: Sneaking



Welcome to version two of A Trip To Japan!

One thing you should never be afraid of is rewriting your stories. One thing I've seen too many times with fanfiction writers is that they seize on a good idea, write the story and abandon it because they reread the story and think it sucks. It really saddens me when people give up on something that, with a little work, could be really good.

Not that I have any illisions about this particular idea, of course, or of my own skills. The idea seems pretty random at first - what on earth do Cardcaptors and Lilo & Stitch have in common? Well, they're both action series with female leads who use abilities beyond that of the average person to capture mischeivious creatures causing havoc on the populance (which they had each accidently let loose in the first place!) and rehabilitate them fo the greater purpose of good. (Whew!) Where they differ is in the method of achieving that - Lilo & Stitch uses technology and Cardcaptors uses magic - and I thought that having the two contrasts meet could make for an interesting story.

Not to mention that Cardcaptors was able to tell it's story with little executive meddling, while Disney execs didn't like the action-based direction the writers had wanted to go in for Lilo & Stitch: The Series, and felt that it should be more comedy-based. Because Lilo & Stitch was all fun and daffodils. But enough of my ranting!

I expect rewriting A Trip To Japan (previously Lilo & Stitch Go To Japan) will be a lot easier than Starlight, mainly because I generally agree with most of the events and the order of which they appear - just not how I wrote it originally. The first chapter (now split in two) has been expanded significantly, and I'm going to take out that really silly reference to Romeo! (hey, we were all young once) and probably that odd chase scene involving the chef, but apart from that they're going to remain basically the same.

Thanks all for reading, and I hope you people enjoy this story!

--Mark Kéy-Balchin (aka MarkKB)

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