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Starlight | part of the Starlight Series.

Lilo and Stitch has to face their greatest challenge yet; not from the newly activated experiment 628, but from a far worse enemy. Will they be able to save themselves and Earth from a fate worse than death?

| Last updated 18 November 2013 | version 3 | 9,795 words over 3 chapters | Rated T.


Chapter 1: The Dark Before the Dawn
Chapter 2: Dreams and Desperations
Chapter 3: Cleaning Up The Attic


Or check out some behind-the-scenes stuff:

Version 2
Last updated 19 July 2011 | 56,065 words over 57 chapters | Rated T.

Version 1
Last updated 14 August 2005 | 7,167 words over 15 chapters | Rated T.


Here's the third version of Starlight. Here's hoping it's the final!

I chose the name Starlight for this version three reasons: first, to differentiate it from the previous versions (which had been titled with the rather terrible, boring, pun, Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek.)

Second, because I felt the name jived well with the plot - where Lilo & Stitch boldly go where they truely have never been before, with only the aid of starlight to guide them. (Where? Why, that would be telling. ;) )

And third, because it sounded nice. Yay for subjective reasoning!

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