Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 1 | part of the Starlight Series.

Lilo and Stitch has to face their greatest challenge yet; not from the newly activated experiment 628, but from a far worse enemy. Will they be able to save themselves and Earth from a fate worse than death?

| Last updated 14 August 2005 | version 1 | 7,167 words over 15 chapters | Rated T.


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Chapter 1: The Attic Clean-Out
Chapter 2: Experiment 628
Chapter 3: Time for the Truth, Almost
Chapter 4: 628 Escapes
Chapter 5: Revelations
Chapter 6: The Chase
Chapter 7: The Future
Chapter 8: You will be assimilated
Chapter 9: Resistance is futile… maybe
Chapter 10: The Twin Cubes
Chapter 11: Aboard the Borg’s Board
Chapter 12: The Queen’s Lair
Chapter 13: Nani in the holds!
Chapter 14: Lilocutus of Borg
Chapter 15: Unfinished Chapter



Hey, welcome to the first version of Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek!

I started this version on the 13th of January 2005, uploading it to FanFiction.Net sometime in April. Initially, I got a few reviews, but the most consistant reviewer was Matthew Tramell, a.k.a dragonfanman - you can see his and other reviews reproduced from FanFiction.Net's emails and comments on deviantART. Thanks goes to all who supported me for my early fic!

On the 14th of April, I was sent a notice that my fic had been removed for (very minor) script-like elements. I had been up to Chapter 10 at that time, and thus was understandingly annoyed. Undaunted, I continued work, until finally collapsing bunch of plot holes in Chapter 15. It was at that point that I decided to give up and start anew.

I last toyed with this version in October 2005, before abandoning it completely.

Chapters 11-15 have not been seen outside my computer (although it may have been better that way. ^^) I put them, and the rest of version 1, up on display so you can have an idea of where the heck I was going with some things, and the history behind others, in later versions. Plus snarky author commentary! ^^

Oh, it also serves as evidence that everyone sucks at writing at some point. ;) (Hey, I'd still say I suck, but I'm getting better, if I do say so myself.)


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