Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 1
Chapter 2: Experiment 628

Later that day, Lilo and Stitch were sitting in their room. Lilo was in deep thought.

‘Jumba’s acting weird,’ she thought. ‘Maybe he’s been abducted by mutant space mummies who sucked his brain out! But I remember he acted like this once before.’ She racked her brains for the memory. It came to her, like a banshee’s scream. Jumba was hiding an experiment! After all, he had hid his 625 experiments in a crate and had acted exactly the same way. Well almost. Kinda. Maybe not so much.
“Hey, Stitch, why don’t we go and check out what’s in his chest?”
“Naga, Jumba…”
“Yes, I know he said I wasn’t allowed to touch it. But he never said you can’t!”

Stitch crawled along the top of the hall. He saw Pleakly in the kitchen, (attempting to) cook chicken salad with cheese and strawberries. He also saw Jumba in there, insisting that “is better to cook with plasma-heated microwave than with primitive Earth technology.”
Stitch continued along the ceiling towards Jumba’s room. He surveyed the room from the chandelier. All he saw was a throw rug, a makeshift hammock, and Jumba’s computer. He jumped down from the chandelier, and landed on the throw rug. It wriggled, then fell though the floor, with Stitch on it!

Stitch arrived at the bolted doors. A voice sounded from the loudspeaker above the door.
“Bio-scan complete. Identification: Experiment 626. Weight: 274 kg. Strength (x times weight)=3000. Attempting to compensate.”
“Please enter the password on the keypad and press Enter.” Stitch saw a keypad to the left of the doors. “You will have 3 attempts. Please do not try to break in. The door’s molecular structure has been strengthened to 3001 times your body weight.”
Stitch thought this out. 626-274 equals 352. 352+3000 equals 3352. 3352x3 equals 10056. 10056-3001 equals 7055. He typed 7055 out on the keypad. “Please wait while password is being confirmed.”

Stitch had been waiting for two hours, and was beginning to get impatient, when the loudspeaker spoke.
“Password confirmed. Enter when ready.”
The doors opened with a whoosh. Stitch saw pipes, containers and beakers, and a heap of dust on one of the tables. Stitch tried magnifying zoom to 300 percent. The beakers contained some sort of carbonated drink – perhaps the equivalent of Coca Cola on Delta Quaam. The pipes contained some sort of antibodies – a cure for the common cold, perhaps. But the pile of dust looked somewhat suspicious – there was a small lump in the middle of the clump. Stitch increased to 500 percent zoom. Through one of the dust particles, he caught a bright bluish colour - an experiment pod!!! Stitch then saw a cup of water that Jumba had carelessly left lying around. Curiosity overwhelmed him. He dropped the pod into the cup of water. It started bubbling… frothing… the whole lab was filled with mist… and out of the mist came:
“Mega Kaphong 628!”

Author's Comment

Ah, my first attempt at proper description.

Hear that wooshing noise? That's the sound of this chapter whooshing past your ear. :D Seriously, it compresses several hours into four-and-a-bit exeedingly short paragraphs of text.

Firstly, Lilo came to her conclusion waay too fast. Secondly, is Stitch likely to just stand in the doorway and zoom in? Maybe if he senses a threat, but otherwise he's going to do some active (and quite possibly destructive) searching. Third, I wanted Jumba's lab to be ginorgantic - here it seems like a just large room, like a bank vault. I prefer labyrinthses of passages ending in large rooms myself (think the Covenant's ships in Halo.) Fourth, is Jumba likely to keep a pod in such an obvious place? Fifth, why does Stitch activate 628? Sixth, what's with the password? O_o Seventh, "through the dust particles"? At 500% (that's 5x) zoom? I FAIL Science forever... The list goes on.

This chapter gives a good example of one of my common mondegreens and misspellings in my early L&S fanfics: Delta Quaam. (Jumba lives on Qwelta Quaam.) I've since come up with the explanation that Delta Quaam is a planet in the same system as Qwelta Quaam - a handwave, but an explanation, none the less. I also used to spell "Pleakley" without the second e, as you can see near the top.

Things that carry through to later versions include: Pleakley's odd cooking habits, Jumba's plasma-heated microwave (v2: Ch#3, v3: Ch#2), and Jumba's secret lab hidden by inconspicuous but easy-to-accidently-stumble-into objects.

Speaking of which, I believe the throw-rug was a shout-out to Dexter's Laboratory, but I wouldn't be sure at all.


Original comments

~FluffyBlueAlien626 on 5th April 2005 @ 9:59 a.m. :

Ooh, 628. Interesting, keep it up. :)

~js-exp626 on 6th April 2005 @ 1:18 a.m.:

626-274=352. 352+3000=3352. 3352x3=10056. 10056-3001=7055.
OMG, that's so smart!!! Ur so smart!!!

Good work!! I'm enjoyin this! 628!!! Whoa, what will happen next?

dragonfanman on 13th April 2005 12:35 p.m.:

why does Jumba's room have a chandelier? swanky, go Jumba. anyway, lovin the story thus far, i can't wait to see how you portray 6-2-8.

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