Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 13: Unavailable Contacts and Override Sequences

“All my contacts are gone! NOOO!”

Gantu stood in the middle of the roadway, mourning the loss of his comm.’s memory.

“That’s what happens when you get too attached to your mobile phone,” whispered a nearby tourist.

Gantu chose to ignore this comment. He had better things to do than to worry about arrogant earthlings. Like pummelling the trog, for instance.

He set off toward Waimea, certain that where that abomination was, the experiment was sure to be.



“Ackjak na kadash!”

“Hamsterwheel override sequence initiated,” the computer responded.

“It’s Hamsterville! Ville, you all so soothing computer voice!”

Why did everyone and everything have to make fun of his name and appearance? It wasn’t his fault he looked incredibly similar to that stupid Terran rodent. The Hamsterville family came from a long line of hamster-like beings, even though the two species had no relationships whatsoever. A hundred years ago, the name Hamsterville was something to be proud of. Now, it was just ridiculed. All because a stupid Halgarian cargo ship got lost in a stupid plasma storm and ended up discovering that stupid planet Earth.

“Computer, contact Captain Gantu.”



“We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight
We’re gonna rock, rock, rock ‘till the broad daylight
We’re gonna rock, gonna…”

Gantu hastily turned off his ringtone.

“CallerID, who is it,” he groaned.

“You are receiving a communication from the phone number: 5550198293434533655882. The caller has identified himself as: Dr Jacques von Hamsterville,” the computer replied cheerfully.

Oh, great, he thought. I’ve lost my shuttle and my blaster and now Hamsterwheel had to call? Could my day get any worse?

He blocked his ears, waiting for the rant.

But it did not come.

He dared to glance down at his communicator.

A dialog box had appeared, asking “Do you want to accept this call?”

That’s right, the 3000 series only automatically accepts calls from contacts… and since I have no contacts…

“Computer, decline call.”



“Error. Error. Error.”

“What is it now!”

Hamsterville was very annoyed. His pizza came out all mouldy (then again, all prison food is) and the comm. system had been playing up.

“The phone number you have called is not responding.”


“Oy! You! Hamsterwheel! Calm down already!” shouted the security guard outside.


“OK, OK… sheesh, don’t have to get all cranky…”

The security guard walked away, having (luckily) not peeked in Hamsterville’s cell.

“Ajack kay kaddash!” whispered Hamsterville.

The equipment packed itself away, and Hamsterville’s container device turned upside-down again.

Maybe now I can have a nice nap… and get rid of all thoughts involving that bungling Gantu…

628 walked at a rather slow pace along the bottom of Waimea Canyon. He stopped, admiring the beauty of the Hawaiian Hibiscus, its simple structure and lifestyle.

That is, until he heard a shout from behind.

“Quick! We’re gaining on him!”



Lilo armed the capture cannon again.

“Computer, aim capture cannon. Bearing 239, mark 382. On my mark…”

The crosshairs centred on 628.


Quicker than she could blink, the cannon scooped up 628. Or so she thought.

“Computer, analysis.”

“Bio-reading complete. Object identified as: large rock.”




628 sped around the corner. He’d have to be more careful next time.

He climbed up an overhanging ledge where Pelikai couldn’t see him and scanned the horizon.

Suddenly, he spotted what he was looking for.

“I will get there, and there’s nothing Pelikai can do to stop me.”

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