Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 14: Hamsters and Tuna Sandwhiches

“Computer, scan for 628.”

Lilo impatiently tapped her fingers on the dashboard, waiting for the process to finish, which surprisingly didn’t take very long.

“Experiment 628 located. Autopilot activated.”

“OK, let’s go!”

Then she noticed Stitch, who after all the excitement, looked rather bored.

“Er… Stitch?”

Stitch looked up slightly, and then returned to staring blankly into space.

Call it intuition, but Lilo knew something was up with Stitch.

“What’s wrong?”

Stitch muttered something in Tantalog and returned to his state of deep thought.



This doesn’t make sense! Why would 628 lead us on a wild goose chase all around Kaua’i?

Stitch’s brain was working in overtime.

Unless he wanted to throw us off the trail… but so far he’s seemed to actually enjoy us chasing him…

I’ll think about it later…



“And the pickled cheese’s connected to the sausage, the sausage’s connected to the lasagne, the lasagne’s connected to the tomato sauce, now hear the word of the Lord, Amen!”

625 was in the middle of a pasta-on-rye sandwich. Well, what had been a pasta-on-rye sandwich, at least. But unfortunately, someone (meaning Gantu) had forgot to turn off the communicator, which meant a high-pitched beeping now filled the air, causing 625 to knock over his sandwich, which meant pasta now lay on the floor.

“Oh, great, that’s the third time today! This better be important.”

He switched on the screen. A moment later he wished he hadn’t.


“Calm down, Hamsterwh… er, ville! No need to take it all out on me… tell you what, you’re obviously upset, why don’t I send you up a nice tuna sandwich and we’ll… um… talk about your childhood?”

“IDONOTWA… wait, did you say tuna?”

“Yep, with mayonnaise!”




“Experiment within 200m.”

The buggy flew around the corner. Surely he would be there, thought Lilo.

But he wasn’t.

“Computer, deactivate autopilot. Stitch, take the wheel.”

Stitch obliged, and slowed the buggy to hardly walking pace.

Why isn’t he here?

Abruptly, something stirred; Lilo turned around and found herself face-to-face with 628.

Obviously startled by the sudden movement, 628 jumped down and dashed down the road.

“There he is!” shouted Lilo.

“Oh no you don’t!” a very familiar voice bellowed from behind.

“And there he is.”

Gantu, who had obviously been able to find another plasma gun, stomped through the trees, randomly bombarding the surrounding landscape in a feeble attempt at hitting 628.

“By the moons of Andomeda VII I’ll get you!”


They had reached a large area cleared of all and any foliage, empty except for a standard issue Federation G-343 police cruiser. To be precise, the one that Stitch had stolen over two years ago.

And with a jolt of recognition, Lilo realised exactly why 628 had been heading for this exact spot, why he had been leading them all over the island.

“He was searching for this.”


“He was looking… for a way off this planet. He’s… going to Turo.”

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Kioko the pirate on 26 August 2005 @ 7:22 a.m.:

:o Now things are getting interesting, I wonder why 628 wants to go to turo? anyway, update soon, later.

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