Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 16: Revelations

“Jumba! You’ve got some ‘splaining to do!”

Lilo opened the front door, accidentally squashing Stitch into the wall.

“Oops. Sorry Stitch”.

“I’m OK. I’m fluffy!”

“What is there to be explaining about?” said Jumba as he walked through the lounge into the kitchen.

“Did you make an experiment after 627?”



I should have seen this coming… Little girl or 626 have probably been playing around in my room again… after the 32946th time I am telling them not to…

“Er, no… why is little girl asking?”

“Explain this, then!” exclaimed Little Girl as she pulled out…

A photo of Mr. Sunburnt Ice-Cream Tourist. Why does he always seem to be around? Why is he not just going back to home country?

“Oops,” Little Girl muttered, blushing a little. Jumba couldn’t help but chuckle.



“…and when I was twelve, I founded the ‘Future Evil Geniuses Club’… Ah, I will always remember my time there. It was the greatest… until that snobby arrogant Qweltian showed up. He thought he was all that, with his intelligence, his experiments, his…”

“Woah, rewind! This wouldn’t be Jumba you’re…”

Jumba! How I hate that name! He and I agreed to create 600 experiments together, but what does he do? Goes ahead and produces 195 experiments all by himself, and claim the rest were his! I quit at Experiment 385…”



“Don’t lie to us! We saw the experiment files!”

“Experiment files? How could you… oh, yes, is only… er… theory! Yes, that is being it! Only theoretical! I would never, ever make…”

“… ikata juu nabata?”

The look Jumba gave Stitch was one that could melt lead.

“WHAT? Why I ought to…”

“Na-a-a! Chu Lilo na iki bobo!”

“OK, OK… sheesh!”

“So… did you?”

“Did I what?”

Lilo put a strained look on her face. Jumba’s being like this on purpose.

“Create another experiment?”

“No! Of cause not!”

Lilo fixed him with a very piercing stare.

“Er… maybe?”

“Look, right now 628 is hovering right above us and if we don’t hurry he’ll vaporise us all! Or turn us into beach mummies! Or worse, destroy the mall!”

“Yeah, ika naga tookie!” Stitch added.

“Alright, I confess! I created a 628! I am pleading guilty to all charges!”

“But why?”

Jumba shrugged.

“I was being bored, so am thinking, why not be creating evil genius experiment?”

Lilo sighed.

“I guess it’s true. Once an evil genius, always an evil genius.”

“Did I hear correctly?”

Pleakly waddled down the stairs and into the dining room, juggling a bowling ball, several tires, three-and-a-half tons of cement and two cricket bats.

“Did I hear you say that Jumba’s created another little monster and he’s hovering above the earth right now waiting to vaporise us all?”

“Or the mall,” replied Lilo.

Pleakly promptly dropped everything he was holding.


Unfortunately, he didn’t drop the said items where he intended to.

“YEOUCH!” yelled the Plorgarian as pain pulsed through his second foot.

Lilo winced.

“That gotta hurt…”

If Pleakly’s throbbing limb gave him any further pain, he did not show it. Instead, he carefully slid the almost completely crushed foot from underneath the bowling ball. And started lecturing Jumba.

“What were you THINKING? Do you want to kill us all? We barely got away from your last ‘success’, and now you want to do it all again? And he’s probably got some type of vaporiser…”

“Plasma gun!” corrected Jumba.

“Whatever! Either way, this is not very good! No, this is the opposite of very good! This is very bad! What are we going to do? What are we going to do! What are we…”

“QUIET! I am trying to think!”

Lilo giggled.

“Why don’t we go after him?”

Jumba shook his head.

“Little girl, that is being most silly idea I am ever… w-wait! What if we go after him?”

Lilo gave Jumba a look of extreme annoyance.

“Hello? That’s what I just said!”

“So then it’s settled.”

“You’re going after him?”

“Ih.” “Yes.” “Of cause!”

“But how…”

“My ship, duh!”

“But what if he goes into hyperspace?”

“Is not to be worrying. I have been developing new improved hyperdrive – less energy consumed, faster travelling, is eco-friendly, and has snazzy bluish neon glow! Also have been improving communication systems, and installing holomatrix, so that incoming communications are appearing on holographic screen just like Grand Councillady is having…”

“You mean Councilwoman?”

“Is what I say!”

“But… but…”

Pleakly desperately looked for some type of flaw in the plan.

“…what about Nani?”

“Do not be worrying so much, little one-eyed one. I have also been installing holomatrix in Little Girl and 626’s room, so that all Older Girl will be seeing is what she is thinking is Little Girl and 626 sound asleep, when they will be up there!”

At this Jumba pointed vaguely at the ceiling.

“And,” he continued, “I am leaving note saying that you and I are being at sci-fi convention, and not to be expecting us ‘till late in nocturnal Earth-cycle. ‘Tis all being taken care of!”

“But… but…”

“But what?”

“But… Oh, alright, I’ll pack lunch.”


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Kioko the pirate on 7 September 2005 @ 10:23 a.m.:

Yet another good chapter, it had some humor in it. Which is a good thing, well update soon. Later.

Xoverguy on 7 September 2005 @ 1:39 p.m.:

Interesting so far...but where are the Borg? Update soon!

HeMeleNoLiloLover on 7 September 2005 @ 11:13 p.m.:

This story is still very very good and I sense it's about to get better...

Ri2 on 7 September 2005 @ an unknown time:

Did Jumba PLAN to go on some big excursion at some point, possibly kidnapping Lilo and Stitch to come with him?
How did Pleakley hold all that heavy stuff? His arms are so...flimsy!

MarkKB on 8 September 2005 @ 9:59 p.m.:

Ri2: Unfortunately, Jumba's not that evil. He just has a lot of time on his hands. And he gets bored easily. With the note, he's implying that he will leave it, not that he has. About Pleakly... I would presume whatever supports his body structure is strong (but flexible)... I believe he did a juggling act for Look At This! in the episode Swirly.

VulcanGirl365 on 14 March 2007 @ 1:56 p.m.:

LOL! Plee (pleakley) again! :)

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