Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 18: Confrontation

“Warning: Galactic Federation Ship approaching. Registry number GFS-5815. Designation: Dakana.”

“Well, aloha cousin,” 628 said, to no-one in particular. “We met again, on a different battlefield. And this time, you won’t get away so easily.”



“626, please to be taking wheel, am having evil genius thinking to be doing.”

Jumba stood up and left the room, leaving Stitch to grab the navigational control device.

“Warning: Police cruiser detected. Class G-343, unknown registry number.”

“Jumba, I think we found him!” Lilo called down the corridor. There was no reply.

And indeed, upon the screen a small craft, hardly four meters in length, sat, hovering ominously over the blue marble that is Earth.

“Now,” Pleakly’s high-pitched voice rang out, “Galactic Confrontation rules apply! We can’t hit them until they hit…”

A green flash enveloped the screen. Stitch heard an explosion in the lower sections of the ship.

“Warning, hull breach, sector 2A corridor 3. Sealing off sector.”

“Would that be reason enough?”

Pleakly was now hiding under his chair, shivering uncontrollably.


He then made a squeaking sound, somewhat like the noise a mouse makes when it is trodden on.

“I take that to mean yes… go get him, Stitch!”

Paw on the button, Stitch swooped in upon the cruiser much like a hawk upon it’s victim. Trying to catch 628 off guard, he shot left, then right, then straight.

But 628 was ready for every shot.

Upping the ante, Stitch started performing a random plot scenario – shooting in all directions. But again, 628 managed to dodge each one.

And, turning to face them, the cruiser shot five times, Stitch easily manoeuvring around each shot.


“You had coffee today, didn’t you?”

“Coconut cake and coffee!”

But what 628 did next was totally unprepared for.

“Warning: hyperspace portal detected. Sector 656 mark 872.”


“He is engaging H-drive!”

Everyone looked back. Jumba had arrived.

“Is he crazy?” Pleakly started screaming. (He seams to do that a lot…) “If he hits us at this distance, we’re talking Level 5 collision with Earth… no survivors!”

The ship jerked down a little, as Stitch carefully pulled on the steering wheel (after all, he didn’t want to break it like last time…).

It was only a little, but it was enough. The cruiser zoomed past them. A humongous BOOM was heard behind them.

“We’ve got to go after him!”

Jumba said nothing.

“Hello, Jumba?”

“We have to for to be getting out of here!”


“Because… you know why!”


“Because… remembering to when you and 626 is taking ship after me? Gantu is dropping into hyperspace, and when waves are hitting ship…”

“…they drained the power!”

“Yes, ‘tis being exactly right. Now, please to be excusing me, 626…”

Stitch hopped out of Jumba’s seat and into his own.

“Now,” said Jumba, getting into his chair, “I am checking co-ordinates for to being where 628 is to be heading for, and he is going to a small group of planets in Sector 02. I have already inputted vectors, so all we are needing to do is…”

“…press the button!”

Lilo, quick as ever, pushed a small red button marked “Hd”.

“OK, please to be being seated, and having seatbelts on until captain has turned off seatbelt sign… heh heh!”

Jumba chuckled at his own joke.

“But seriously, ‘tis time for showtime!”

The ship blasted through space. With a loud bang, they entered “hyperspace”, a mass of colours, shapes and sizes.

“Hey, this looks like when we were going on the time mach… mm mmph!”

Pleakly had covered Lilo’s mouth before she could blab on how he had let them borrow the time surfboard.

“Heh, kids these days… what she means is… uh… rhyme machine!”

Jumba looked unconvinced.

“Helps you bust a funky rhyme! ‘My name is Pleakly and I’m all about style…’”

Jumba still looked unconvinced.

“From my shirts to my dresses to my… well, you get the idea, don’t you?”

Jumba sighed.

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Kioko the pirate on 14 September 2005 @ 9:06 a.m.:

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