Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 2: Breakfast At The Pelekai Household

“What’s the matter?”

She must have screamed out loud, for Nani, her older sister by about a gazillion years, came rushing in the room.

“Nothing. Just a nightmare.”

It wasn’t nothing, but she didn’t want Nani to know that.

“It’s the one about your parents, isn’t it?”

Lilo nodded. Why was it always her parents? Why couldn’t it be Nani’s parents for a change?

Nani, who was an accomplished mind-reader, corrected herself.

“Our parents.”

Lilo looked to the left. Stitch was still snoring. She smiled. Stitch could sleep through a nuclear warhead explosion. He could survive through a nuclear warhead explosion, and if anyone found him, he’d be still snoozing away, until Nani said the magic word.

Nani came up and whispered in Stitch’s ear.


Immediately, Stitch’s ears popped up.


In a flash, he zoomed down the lift and into the kitchen.

Nani smiled.

“Well, I’d better get down there before Stitch wreaks the place.”

She left the room down the lift, leaving Lilo alone to dwell on her thoughts.



Lilo tried to gather her thoughts together. The dream was slipping away as fast as water down a waterfall – the more she tried remembering it, the more she seamed to forget… there was a girl, a car crash, and a strange woman who wanted someone dead… wanted her dead…

She shook her head. It was no use worrying about dreams…

She walked up to her makeshift mirror and stared at it. An 8-year-old Hawaiian girl, brown eyes, midnight-black hair, wearing a sea-green nightgown, stared back at her.

The dreams she had been having were getting stranger and stranger – but then again, almost everything was strange about Lilo Pelikai, from her obsession with vampires, zombies and tikis, to her ‘hobby’ of relocating illegal genetic experiments so that they can help society instead of destroy it. Even her ‘dog’, Stitch, was a genetic experiment, number 626 to be precise.

She turned her thoughts to the first time she told Nani about the dreams. Nani had said she was having those dreams because she couldn’t let go… whatever that meant.

I’ll worry about it after hula practice, she thought.




When Lilo arrived in the kitchen, Stitch was already gobbling down his 23rd bowl of cornflakes.

“Look who finally decided to get up!”

Nani was toasting a sandwich.

Lilo glanced around the kitchen. Wendy Pleakly the one-eyed wonder was having bacon and eggs. After what happened with Poxy (Experiment 222), Pleakly was keeping well away from the cornflakes.

Dr Jumba Jookiba, mad scientist extraordinaire, was working on something under a microscope.

“What’s that?”

Jumba looked up. He suddenly got very tense.

“Is… is nothing!”

Jumba wasn’t acting like himself, she could tell.

“Then you wouldn’t mind me taking a look…”

“No! I mean… it’s very boring, just cure for pesky Earth virus. Little girl would not be being interested.”

“But I’m very interested in micro-bacterial organisms.”

Lilo had no idea what micro-bacterial organisms were, she had heard that word on a Discovery Channel special. But she had to see what Jumba was hiding.

Instead of answering, Jumba picked up his microscope and walked off to his room.

Jumba was acting strange… then again, Jumba was strange, being a mad alien scientist charged with illegal genetic experimentation, who let loose on the world Experiment 626.




“See ya!”

Lilo waved good-bye to Nani as she and Stitch left for hula practice.

“Bye! And don’t forget to help Jumba clean out the attic!”

Lilo had almost forgotten that promise.

“I won’t!”



Nani stood waving as Lilo and Stitch walked down the lane hand-in-hand.

Now that they’re gone, maybe I can actually get some sleep. She’d been up all night working the night shift at the Birds of Paradise Hotel.

She heaped herself on the couch. Maybe she’d be able to catch a few hours sleep before her 12:00pm Saturday shift started.

She was to have no such luck. Jumba thudded into the room, arguing with Pleakly, who came out a second later.

“…but last time we used your plasma oven, the food had a slight radiation…”

“…’twas only plasma leak, it is being fixed…”

“…oh, no, I’m not running that risk again…”


Nani was now on her feet, although she didn’t remember getting up. She glanced from Jumba’s confused face to Pleakly’s rather scared one. All she wanted was some peace and quiet, was that hard enough?

“Pleakly, Jumba, I’m trying to get some sleep here, so what ever it is, take it outside!”

Jumba took one look at Nani and walked out of the door, with Pleakly close behind.

She lay back down. Calm down, she thought to herself. Big, deep breaths…

Soon she was asleep, and dreaming…

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Xoverguy on 16th May 2005 @ 7:43 a.m.:

I agree with dragonfanman, I was so dissapointed when this story was cut, I thought that it was really planned out. But the important thing is that you got the story back up again, although slightly different. If this story has changed a lot from its original form then I think that Jumba was actually checking a Borg nanoprobe. That's my hypotesis. Update soon!

MarkKB on an unknown date:

To Xoverguy: It's reasonably the same, and no, Jumba is not working on Borg nanoprobes, what he is working on will become obvious in the following chapters.

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