Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 24: Resistance is Futile

The screen sputtered into nothingness.

“Oh no, oh no, this isn’t very good, this is the opposite of very good, this is very bad!”

Pleakly started running ‘round and ‘round the ship, arms flailing in the air.




“Who were they?” Lilo asked, in a somewhat awed voice.

“’Tis just as I feared…”


“The Borg!”

“The what?”

“I thought you are to be watching Star Trek, no?”

“Only classic Trek! I never watched The Next Generation or after!”

She lowered her voice.

“Nani says she hid them for a good reason… she’s never told me why, though…”



Jumba thought for a while.

“How should I be putting this… have you ever read A Wrinkle In Time by Mad Line Ledge?”

“Madeline L’Enge”, Lilo corrected him.

“Yes, yes… remembering that entity being called IT?


“That is like Borg. They are all thinking as one mind… with a single being controlling it all… one of my previous lab partners created a line of robots based on same philosophy… I think ‘tis being called Bee-Bee or Cee-Cee or something like that… if ‘tweren’t for Possible Kim, he would be taking over world!”

“You mean, Dr. Drakken?”

“No, he is being called Andrew Lipsky…”

“Doy, that’s Dr. Drakken’s real name…”

“How are you knowing this, one-eyed one? No, wait, let me guess, you signed up for Possible Kim fanclub.”

“Well, actually… yeah.”

“But the point is, Lipsky is only having three robots… the Borg encompass thousands of star systems, millions of planets, billions of people, all thinking as one, with Queen at center, telling everyone else what to do.”

“Like an ant colony!”

“Exactly, little girl. And with Borg knowing we are here, they are having almost infinite supply of resources to capture and assimilate. To them, defiance is hopeless. To them, resistance is futile.”



“Have they responded?”


The woman smirked.

“Send a 309 detachment, tag ‘n’ bag.”




Suddenly the screaming of Pleakley stopped, owing to the fact that he had run into a large steel cylinder and the sound usually heard when one’s body impacts some kind of hollow metallic container now filled the air.

“Er… Pleakly… are you OK?”



“At this rate, maybe we’ll catch up with Voyager!”

Chuckles filled the room. The U.S.S. Voyager was at least a hundred light-years in front of them, and it would take little over nine years to reach them at maximum warp – and that’s if they were standing still!

“Ming, have you got that status report?”

“Yes, ma’am! Three ships have been detected. One’s been tractored by the Borg cube, but – there’s something weird going on…”

“OK, weird me,” Jameston replied with a sigh.

“According to these readings, one’s inside the cube… but then again, the stupid subspace scans have been playing up all week…”

“I see… Malo, turn this ship around!”


“Well, we’ve gotta go save them! They could be a useful ally…”




Pleakly woke up to find Stitch slobbering all over his face.


“He was trying to wake you up…”

Pleakly stood up and wiped the goo off his face.

Stitch walked off in the direction of the hallway.



Lilo waited while Jumba explained to Pleakly the situation.

“You mean to say that that… thing is a member of the most patently malevolent creatures to ever hit syndicated television?”

“Well… since you are putting it that way…. yes.”

“And they’re going to destroy us?”

“Well… yes.”

“This isn’t very good, this is the opposite of very good, this is very bad! What are we going to do? What are we going to do? WHAT ARE…”

“Would you please stop with the repeating yourself? You are disrupting evil genius thinking!”

“But these… things are going to destroy our ship! We need to panic! What are we going to do? What…”

With a flash, a being materialised on the deck. He… she… it was a meld of man and machine. One half of its face was covered in some kind of mask, from which emanated a bright red light, which, Lilo supposed, was one of its ‘eyes’. The rest of its body was covered in some kind of metallic substance, black, cold. The half of its face that Lilo could see looked kinda like that of a mutant zombie.

“Lilo Pelikai.”

Two more appeared, blocking Jumba and Pleakly from being able to go anywhere.

The first grabbed Lilo by the scruff of the neck, who began twisting and turning, trying to wriggle free, but all to no avail.

“Rah! Let me go! Urgh!”

She licked the creature’s arm. Which, of cause, resulted from several “Eww”s from the direction of Jumba and Pleakley.

“Your attempt at escape is hopeless. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!”

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Xoverguy on 18 October 2005 @ 8:37 a.m.:

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