Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 27: Technical Difficulties

“Warning: Warp core microfracture. Breach imminent.”

“What’s the pressure of the warp coils?”

Jameston paced around the bright blue warp coil containment field.

“I’m reading 19602 kilopascals” Ming replied.

“Lock down the magnetic restrictors!”

“But if we lock them down now, the warp core may not restart!”

“Warning: Warp core microfracture. Breach imminent,” the computer repeated.

“Look, if we don’t, this ship will turn into the biggest fireworks display the DQ have ever seen, and I’m sure the Borg would love that! We can get back on impulse, it will only take… longer.”

3000 years longer, thought Ming, but did what she was told anyway.

The bluish material streamed from the coils into a container.

“Constrictors online.”



Pleakly, who had woken up, was performing scans on all major systems.

“All weaponry, propulsion and shield systems have been disabled.”

Jumba resisted the urge to knock Pleakly out.

“I am already knowing that, tell me what I do not know!”

“Power has reinitialised, though for some reason the lights haven’t turned back on…”

He typed furiously at the keyboard. Jumba gave him a rather amused look, as if to say ‘Look at him, pretending to know what he’s doing… just like three year old toddler, no?’

“Ah, here’s the problem… broken power coupling, deck two, corridor five.”

Jumba’s jaw dropped about three meters.

“Er… well… yes… 626, you go fix it.”

626 gave him a rather annoyed look, as if to say ‘Naga tobata nala queesta!’



Steam filled the engineering room of NCC-82535, accompanied by a loud hissing sound.

Abruptly, the hissing stopped.

“The microfracture has been sealed,” shouted Ming through the haze.

“OK, move away so I can reapply the field,” replied Jameston.

Ming climbed down the console onto the ground. By now almost all of the mist had dissolved.

“OK… field activated… I’ll just unlock the constrictors…”

Jameston typed. The computer beeped. Woo-hoo.


The blue stuff poured into the warp coils.


“Pressure holding at 25032 kilopascals.”

Just then, Jameston’s comm. badge beeped.

“Bridge to Engineering… how can I help?”




“Lilo Pelikai.”

Lilo opened her eyes.

“You’re awake. Good.”

Lilo looked around. She was in a kind of rather wide corridor, with another branching off. Lilo could only see three walls – one beside here and one at either end of the corridor. Where there should be one more, there was nothing but wide expanse – looking down would reveal the next level some eight meters down.

Lilo squinted… she could only just make out a giant barrier about three miles away.

A console was fixated in the wall beside her, displaying a picture of what looked like a completely grey Rubix cube. She realised that this was the ship, as it displayed the condition of vital systems alongside.

She noticed she was lying on a steel platform, or perhaps a bed. She tried to move. She couldn’t.

She focused on the woman beside her. Lilo presumed she was a Borg drone, though she had a gut feeling that this was not the case. The ‘drone’ almost looked human, a human wearing what bore an extreme resemblance to those suit thingys SWAT teams wore, sans helmet. Her head appeared lime in colour, though that was probably due to the green light flooding the area. She had… pipes? threading through her head, as though a replacement for hair. There was something about her that, to Lilo, made her look a lot like Susanna Thomason.

Lilo thought she saw a tuft of fiery-red hair, but quickly shook off the notion.



“Who are you? How do you know my name?”

The woman smiled a truly evil smile.

“Simple. I am the Borg. The Borg is all.”

Lilo showed signs of puzzlement.

“You’re wondering how I, one being, can be the Borg?”

“I know… you’re the queen!”

“My, what a smart girl, no doubt you were thinking of an ant or bee colony.”

She smirked again.

“I am your worst nightmare.”

She walked up to the bed upon which Lilo was lying on.

“I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many.”

The Borg Queen gazed directly into Lilo’s eyes.

“I am the Borg. And soon, you will be too.”

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largefish8 on 2 November 2005 @ 12:06 a.m.:

Yahoo! This gets better with every chapter. Update soon! What has happened to 628?

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I've said before and I'll say it again... Lilo is in big trouble. But atleast the serenity has most fot heir systems back online. Update soon. Later.

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Things do not look good for Lilo...

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Yeah, I just watched Star Trek: The First Contact so I know who the borg queen is. Great chappie!

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