Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 35: The Other Resitance Futilian

“Er… hello?”

Pleakley led the way to the grain storage bin, jerking the flashlight as he shivered uncontrollably.

Jumba followed behind down the narrow hallway, knowing that it was better for Pleakley to go first if whatever it was wasn’t in the mood for visitors.


Pleakley jumped behind Jumba.

“W-w-who’s th-there?” he stammered, slowly protruding his head from behind Jumba.

Maybe, Jumba reflected, it did not matter who went first, as Pleakley would always be too chicken to stay in the lead.

Pleakley slowly walked forward.

“Te mi, Namhi!”

This time Pleakley did not jump, however he did step back a little.

Before him was the vast storehouse, with its grain, wheat and flour. Pleakley’s jaw dropped at the sight of it.

“H-how are w-w-we g-g-gonna see anything in h-here?” asked Pleakley.

“’Tis simple,” replied Jumba, grinning with evil geniousness. “We simply turn on lights.”

He flicked a switch.

Nothing happened.

“Arh, must be blowned fuse! Oh vell, we just listen to voice!”

He cleared his throat.

“Ahem… Hello? We are coming in pea…”

“Gamda? Hrup!”

Jumba slowly took out his plasma gun.

“Who are you? Where are you being? I am warning you – I am being armed!”

“Numi! Luft muh oht!”

He grabbed the torch off Pleakley and shone it in the direction of the secondary holds. Nothing there.

He side-stepped along the walls and pressed the button to the holds. He then turned around, pointing the gun towards whomever was inside.

“Jumba, what do you THINK you’re doing?”

“Older girl!”



Lilo slipped in and out of consciousness. She was aware of drilling in her skull, but could not feel anything. In the rush of images that occasionally met her eyes, she saw mutant cyborg zombie: some looking into her eyes; some fitting techno-thingies on her wrists, arms, legs and face; some talking to the Queen as she visited the Chamber every now and then. Sometimes she would stare at the Queen, wondering what she could possibly have in store for her and trying to fathom the reason she had been chosen, sometimes she would just think about the answer to life, the universe and everything, which she figured out to be 42. Sometimes she would just lie there, not doing anything. Every now and then, she’d think someway, some how, Jumba, Pleakley and Stitch would come through for her, pull off some sort of rescue.

Stitch… she hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye…

She sank into another bout of dreamless sleep.



“…and so this corridor from the bridge leads to the grain-storage,” 419 concluded.

426 sat attentively, watching 419 draw on the SmartBoard as she explained the various areas of the ship.

“Got it?”

426 flipped through his notes.

“Yeah… I think I’ve got it all…”

“Good, ‘cause I think my lower jaw’s cramping up.”

She sat back down on the crate.

Five seconds later she asked, “426, what exactly are you planning to do?”

“Oh, just a little ‘Capture the Flag’ with those… Borg… thingies…”

Realisation dawned over her face. She smiled.

“You’re going to try and rescue Little Girl! Again,” she added.

“Well… yeah, pretty much…”

“I suppose 626 knows about this…”

“Got him on walkie talkie! He heard the better part of your speech… or lecture, more like.”

419 thought for a moment.

“What about Pleakley and Jumba…”

“Pleakley heard a spooky noise in the storage bins,” said 426, waving his arms around to emphasise the point. “Him and Jumba are going to check it out.”

“Lemme guess: 626 told you.”


“So… how ya gonna get on the ship… no, wait, don’t tell me: you’re gonna hijack the shuttle.”

“Well, actually I was going to reconfigure Jumba’s food dispenser to rip my atoms apart and reassemble them on the cube-ship, but your idea sounds much better.”

“Y’know, Jumba’s probably locked down access from here and to all major areas of the ship…”

“Which is why we use the air vents!”

419 sighed.

“What? It works in all the movies!”

“Number one: you’ve never seen a movie in your life, save the ones Jumba lets you watch on his ship. And that’s pretty much limited to Japanese anime by Studio Ghibli…”

“Hey, I liked My Neighbour Totoro!” said 426 as he climbed a stack of crates towards the vent.

“Second,” 419 continued, “you’d think Jumba would be smart enough to…”

A clanging noise interrupted 419, signalling that 426 had prised open the vent with a metal rod, dropped both cover and rod, and was now proceeding to craw through.

419 groaned as she also climbed the crates, muttering “I have a reeeeally bad feeling about this…”

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