Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 6: A New Experiment

“What is Jumba hiding?”

Lilo was typing away at her new computer, trying to figure out what was happening.

Without Stitch (who was still at Jumba’s physical), she couldn’t get him to help her figure it out. Unless…

She picked up her walkie-talkie.

“Black Cat to Mutant Dog. Black Cat to Mutant Dog.”

The walkie-talkie sat there, making not a sound.

“I repeat, Black Cat to Mutant Dog.”

It sparked into life.

“Mutant Dog here.”

Stitch had answered.

“What’s up, MD?”

The person that replied, however, was not ‘Mutant Dog’.

“What is being up is little girl is interrupting mind probe, now please no more interruptions!”

The walkie-talkie went dead.

OK, that went nowhere…

She resumed typing on the computer.

“Let’s see… Jumba’s backup files…”

She double-clicked the folder.

“Experiment database… Experiment 001. Primary function…”




“Experiment 228. Primary function, liquidation of…”

The computer suddenly beeped.

“Incoming communication from: Jumba Jookiba.”

Lilo sighed.

“OK, put it up.”

Jumba appeared on the screen, with a rather large computer screen behind him.

“Physical is being finished! I am being pleased to report that 626 is being in, how you say, ship-shape.”

“Thanks. Now…”

“I will be sending him up now. Jumba out.”

The screen returned to the experiment files, and the computer resumed reading as though nothing had happened.

“… enemy fortresses, weaponry…”

“Pause RB.”

The computer silenced itself.

Since Jumba hadn’t revealed anything, she’d just have to scout playback for clues.

“Playback timestamp 15035423072004.”

The computer started playing back Jumba’s communication.

… is, how you say, ship-shape.”


“Wait, rewind for 2 seconds and play at quarter speed.”

No matter how funny Jumba’s accent sounded like, it sounded even funnier when played at quarter speed.

“…hoow yoou saay…”

“Pause there!”

Jumba’s head seamed slightly elongated in that frame, like a watermelon. But Lilo’s focus was, not on Jumba, but on the computer screen behind him.

“Zoom in 300 and clarify.”

As the computer cleaned up the image, Lilo gasped.

“These are plans for a new experiment!”

A clunk near the lift told Lilo that Stitch had arrived and had collapsed on his bed.

“Stitch, Jumba created a new experiment!”

Stitch leaped up immediately.


“Look here, this is from just ten minutes ago.”

He scanned the screen, translating as he went.

“…experiment…powers of…24, 6…6 … Jumba’s head too big… Primary Function…”

He gasped.



Oh great, now Stitch’s hiding something.




Stitch looked over that last word. Surely it could not mean what he thought it did…



Jumba sat typing away at his computer. He uploaded the data from Stitch’s physical to the main database.

“As I thought…”

He then opened another file, made some alterations, and closed it.

“Project Experiment Series 6 is being back on track!”



“Hey, Stitch, why don’t you, you know, do some snooping?”


Stitch had never heard this word before. Maybe it was some sort of desert?

“You don’t know what ‘snoop’ means?”


“Er… to spy… sneak… seek covertly…”

“Oh… OK!”




Stitch sat beside the doorway to Jumba’s room, waiting for him to come out. And as he waited, he thought about the last few days.

Jumba had defiantly not been acting like himself. At random intervals he started sweating and stuttering – at least more so than usual.

Come to think about it, it was only when someone saw something in particular… first with the microscope, then with the titanium box…

And what about his dreams? He couldn’t ignore them, no matter how much he tried; they kept coming back to him. He could NOT let anyone take away Lilo, the one person that understood him, and treated him like a friend…

He felt himself dig deeper and deeper into unconsciousness, and before he could stop himself, he was asleep.

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dragonfanman on 9 June 2005 @ 10:22 a.m.:

my...God...rnthis story just keeps getting better and better! man, this was another fantastic chapter! you know how to build suspense, and how to keep your readers guessing, and i find that one of the key elements in a story.rnok, the writing was great, everything is fitting together perfectly. the part about Stitch thinking Snooping was some sort of dessert was cleverly funny! i know there's some sort of huge threat to whatever jumba's doing, and it seems to concern Lilo. man, this is great! update soon, and keep up the good work!

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