Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 7: Jumba's Lair

Stitch looked around.

He was in a small room, very neat and tidy, with a bed at one corner, and a hutch dresser at the other.

Then he noticed them.

They were everywhere – lining the shelves, the ledges, and the mantelpieces, leering down on him like he was the evilest thing in the world. These were the many dolls of Myrtle Edmonds.

Suddenly, a voice cut through the silence, so cold it made even Stitch shiver.

“Experiment 626! I knew you’d come. I’ve been expecting you.”

Stitch looked around. But he saw no one.

“Don’t bother, 626, you’ll never find me. Indeed, you’ll never see the light of day ever again.”

Something grabbed him from behind. Stitch spun around.

How cute, a doll, he thought. Is that the best you can do?

Two more grabbed his arms.

“Of cause not, 626, I can do far more.”

He swung the dolls off. But as soon as he did, ten more took their place.

“You see, 626, I can anticipate all your moves and counter-act them.”

Stitch ripped them apart. But then, twenty or so jumped down from the shelves.

“You can’t beat me, not with force, not with negotiation, not with the strongest weapon ever invented.”

Three hundred dolls surrounded Stitch, and if he were not fighting for his life, he would have found this picture very humorous – drowning in a sea of dolls.

“I am the beginning. The end. The one who is many.”

Stitch found himself completely free… but a moment later the sea of over two thousand dolls pulled him down again.

“You cannot defeat me. You cannot destroy me. You will join us. Your resistance is hopeless…”



He awoke to find the shocked face of Jumba looking down on him.



“What is wrong with genius experiment? You are being muttering in sleep, tossing and turning and talking about mean girl with spectacles…”


Jumba knew from experience that it wasn’t nothing. 626 had not been muttering in his sleep since the night after his activation, and Jumba had fixed that. Or so he thought.

“OK, well, me and one-eyed-wonder are going to mall, so you are to be being on best behaviour. That means, no touching anything. Understood?”


Jumba could see a hint of deceit in his eyes, but said nothing of it.



Stitch watched Jumba walk down the stairs towards the kitchen, probably to make sure Pleakley didn’t destroy the kitchen before their outing.

Jumba had called him Stitch! He must have been really shocked, he had never called him Stitch before, preferring “genius experiment” or “six-two-six”.

No matter, now was the perfect opportunity to sneak into Jumba’s room.



Lilo grabbed the two-way radio, hoping for the life of her that it was still operational, or that Jumba didn’t still have the other end. She didn’t know why, but she just felt… lonely when she hadn’t spoke to him for more than half an hour. And this time it had only been hardly ten minutes, and she felt she had to contact him.

She switched it on and adjusted the wavelength. A burst of feedback came from the speaker.

“Oww… naga furdesa waka-teki.”

Her heart leapt.

“So, MD, how you doing?”

“Idesa doa o stalet cheeca.”


Stitch began to stutter in his broken English.

“Nothing here. Meega search closet. MD out.”

“OK. BC out.”

At that moment, the batteries went dead.



Stitch switched the walkie-talkie off and headed towards the old wooden door of Jumba’s closet. He opened it with difficulty and stepped inside.

Inside there was nothing. Not even the tiniest speck of dust. He looked in the corners, around the sides, and up the roof. Nothing.

He leaned against the wall. Except it wasn’t a wall, because he fell right through it…

Next thing he knew, he was down, his face pressed against a smooth metallic floor.

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Kioko the pirate on 14 June 2005 @ 6:34 a.m.:

This is a cool story and very well written. I hope you update soon.

dragonfanman on 15 June 2005 @ 3:36 a.m.:

another interesting chapter. very well written, and Jumba's dialogue was very well done! you're certainly keeping everyone in character, and doing a great job of it.
this chapter just brings more questions, why is Jumba being so secretive? where is Stitch? what's gonna happen next? man, so cliffhanging! keep up the excellent work!

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