Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2
Chapter 9: The Truth Is Hard To Tell

“We need to talk?” Lilo repeated.

Any girl knew that those four words were the worst four words in the universe – usually it indicated that the speaker wants to break up the relationship…

Calm down, Lilo, there’s nothing to be worried about. Technically, we don’t even have a relationship…

That thought made the whole thing worse.

“A…ab…about what?” she stuttered.

“About aliens.”

Whew, that was… wait, why aliens? Unless…

“Did you know that UFO sightings have increased in Kauai by over 3000 percent?”

“Er, no…”

Yes, she did. With the introduction of the former Captain of the Galactic Federation, Gantu, into the society, seeing his ship fly overhead had become a regular occurrence.

“And alien sightings themselves have increased, mainly ones that look like large whales with legs.”

“Wow, really?”

She tried to act surprised, but even she knew that description could only fit one person – Gantu.

“Also, 286 people have reported sightings of weird dogs, cats and pigs with strange powers, too many to be a coincidence.”

These would have to be Stitch’s ‘cousins’, the other 625 illegal genetic experiments created by Jumba Jookiba.

“And all this started when your so-called ‘dog’ came around.”

“Heh, just coincidence, I’m sure.”

“And by the way, I did some research online – there’s no such thing as a blue-furred exoplasmic detection dog.”

Lilo covered up Stitch’s ‘weirdness’ by saying he was a ‘rare blue-furred exoplasmic detection dog’.

“I want the truth, Lilo. I know you’re hiding something.”

Inside, she was tearing herself apart. Should she tell him? Kioni was, to her, more than a friend, and she didn’t want to lie to him. But she also didn’t want to put him, or more importantly, Stitch, in danger. Telling him may cause all sorts of hassles…She imagined Stitch strapped to a dissection table 3001 times his own weight, far beneath Area 51, surgeons advancing with scalpels in hand, or scientists working a cloning machine, with lights flashing, buttons blinking, that would, in the process, destroy him, much like what Jacques von Hamsterville tried to do a year previous. Sure, Sparky had been there, but he may not be around next time.

“I can’t.”


“Look, I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

She brushed pass his shoulder, a tear emerging from her eye. She rushed down the path.

“Lilo, wait!”

She did not stop until Kioni was far out of sight.


“Let me pass, before I do serious harm to you.”


Stitch wasn’t about to let this one pass; after the number of experiments he’d lost to Gantu, he wasn’t going to let another one get away.

The experiment didn’t reply. Which gave Stitch time to give him a once-over.

628 looked exactly like Stitch; right down to the smallest hair… no, there was something different. His fur, instead of blue, was the purple of wisterias, and he had an extra spike on his back.

Finally, he answered.

“Oh, well, I warned you.”

Electricity started emanating from his hands.

“Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.”

Suddenly, a purple thunderbolt discharged across the room and hit Stitch in the stomach. He had no time to react, to escape, to even think.


628 stood over the unconscious body of his cousin.

“Too bad… He would have been the best… but instead he chose this.”

He stepped over the body of 626 and walked towards Section A8.

“Activate self destruct sequence 68F-4A. Authorisation code Jookiba-beta-2. Silent countdown, two minutes. Complete lockdown.”

He smirked as he exited the lab.

“Lets see poor little cuz get out of that.”

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dragonfanman on 10 July 2005 @ 1:50 p.m.:

whoa! 628=evil!
also dude, the part about Captain Gantu and all the stuff about seeing his ship was very funny! you're still doing an excellent job, keep it up!

crashfourit on 12 July 2005 @ 7:34 a.m.:

Interesting, A self-destruct sequence...

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