Gibraltar Installer

Scripting an installer can be difficult. Knowing what registry values go where, where to put files, and so on is a hassle, and when the operating system changes from under you, suddenly you can find yourself stuck using an unsupported method.

Gibraltar Installer aims to be an easily-configurable installer.

It abstracts and simplifies things like setting uninstall information and app paths settings, copying files and creating shortcuts, as well as theming the installer and installing only certain parts of your software.

Here are some things I think you'll love about Gibraltar Installer:

Themes give your installer flair.

Have a certain colour scheme for your app? No problem - just set your theme to match!

Sections put users in charge.

If you want to give your users choice over what parts of your program to install, what settings are default or shortcuts are installed, just slip them snugly into a section.

Language files mean you speak the way you want.

Users in a different country? Or would you just like your installer to be quirky? Customise the language files to suit your tastes.

What's new in Gibraltar 1.0 Build 07

Encounter any bugs?

Although I try and make Gibraltar as solid as I can, everyone makes mistakes. Help me out by reporting any bugs you find!

System requirements:

Gibraltar requires only two things to run: Windows 2000 and above, and the .Net Framework 2.0. Simple, isn't it?

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