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Changelog for Gibraltar 1.0 (as of Build 06)

NOTE: Build dates are listed after the build number. These dates are written in the format dd-mm-yyyy.

1.0 Build 06 27-01-2010

- Theme support added.
- Sections feature added – can segment product into parts and install separately.
- Install folder and start menu group now only editable if one clicks the “Change” button.
- Music search now asynchronous, and doesn’t lock up the UI as it searches.
- Reboot from setup now supported.
- Can now import registry settings from a .reg file.
- New text labels supported in Language files.
- Language selection dialog now uses default language if none if selected.
- General bugs fixed.
- Uninstaller now uses log to uninstall specific files and registry keys, rather than just deleting the install directory.

1.0 Build 05 29-04-2009

- Writes log file in uninstaller directory. Displays log when launched with the /d switch.
- Some internal processes revamped to be more efficient.
- A few bugs fixed during install process.
- Uninstaller no longer errors and closes when problems are encountered.

1.0 Build 04 24-12-2008

- Added language support.
- Uninstaller no longer hardcoded.
- Fixed bug where Gibraltar would ignore working directory of shortcuts.
- If folder with wrong permissions encoutered during music search, Gibraltar now only scans the folder for files.

1.0 Build 03b 22-12-2008

- Changed default text to more formal version.
- All text now checked for all variables.

1.0 Build 03a 13-11-2008

- Gibraltar now reads off config file, not hardcoded.
- Can now copy specific files to specific locations, rather than just copying\files to the install dir.
- Now checks some text for specific variables, others for others.
- Now can read changelog and license agreement from file.
- Changelog/licence agreement can now be formatted (HTML/RTF) rather than just being unformatted.
- Now registers uninstall information, rather than having to use registry values.

1.0 Build 02 (SetupPN 1.0 Build 018) 08-05-2008

- First working build.
- Installation (copying files from .\files, entering registry values and adding shortcuts) implimented.
- Uninstaller added.
- Now shows changelog instead of blank area.
- Default text changed, look redesigned.

1.0 Build 01 (SetupPN 1.0 Build 017) 12-08-2007

- Template build (install button doesn't work.)
- Music detection implimented.

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