Project Nelson

Project Nelson Version 1.0 Build 018

Changes in this build


New features:
- New task page shows all applications installed on the users' computer for the specified application type. (For example, Media Player's task page shows all media players installed.) Implemented for Internet Browser, Email, Media Player and Real Time Strategy.
- New command-line arguments added so users can force Project Nelson to run in startup mode (or not).
New implementations:
- Added category page for "Office" with icons for Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Desktop Publishing, Database, Address Book, Scheduler and non-functional icon for Notes.
- Command Prompt, RSS Aggregator, Real Time Strategy and Multiplayer Matchmaking Service are now functional.
Bug fixes:
- Bottom icons for "Accessories", the second "Applications" page, "Classic Start", "Control Panel" and "Internet" are now functional.
- Run icon on second "Applications" page now functional.
- "Internet" page now has correct title.
- "Close Project Nelson" links in "Games" and "Internet" now have correct background colour.
Design changes:
- User Accounts, Keyboard Properties, Command Prompt, Paint, RSS Aggregator, Netcasts, Real Time Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy and "Run" have new icons.
- All icons that had no/incorrect icons now have "?" icons.
- "Classic Start" folder icons updated.
- Category links (->) on second "Applications" page updated to look like the ones on the first page.
- Weird hover cursor completely eliminated.
- "About" dialog redesigned to take up less room, but appear more spacious.


Feature changes:
- Runs shells with parent as working directory.
Design changes:
- New icon for PN-mode icon.


New features:
- Stopwatch added.
Feature changes:
- Now updates directly from system time instead of using a timer.
Bug fixes:
- Bug where date wouldn't switch over at midnight fixed.
- Bug where "Wednesday" couldn't fit on label fixed.
- Icon/minimize/maximize/close removed from large view.
- Title of large view corrected.
Design changes:
- Large view redesigned


New features:
- Can now report bugs to author. (Accessible by left-clicking on notifications icon.)
Bug fixes:
- When not using Project Nelson, CrashPN now has a icon in the notifications area.
Design changes:
- New notifications icon.

First Run Wizard

New features:
- Users can now choose between Project Nelson icons and Windows icons for use in Nemo. (This is only available via Advanced options.)
- In the default program selection dialog, it is now possible to add programs to the list via the "Other" option.
New implementations:
- Can now scan for RSS Aggregator, Relay Chat, Desktop Publishing, Database, Address Book and Scheduler.
- Step 2: Default program selection dialog now available to all application types (except Messenger).
Bug fixes:
- "Advanced options" check box now works.
- Removed non-functional "Image Manip" and "Animation" icons.


New features:
- Two words: seek bar.
- Displays information about the currently playing song (the title, artist, album and album year.)
Design changes:
- Non-functional playlist pane and "Save Playlist" button added.
- Layout redesigned.


New features:
- New File menu added.
- Move and copy now uses standard tree-view dialog by default. (Shift-click gives old "Simple" file ops dialog.)
- New command-line arguments added so users can specify the folder they want Nemo to open when run.
- Nemo can either use Project Nelson-style icons or the standard Windows icons, depending on settings.
- Users can now change the default folder view, or save views between sessions.
- Users can now remove favs.
- If there are no proper 16x16 icons available, Nemo now uses shrunk-down 32x32 icons.
Bug fixes:
- Now displays 32x32 icons in true colour (as opposed to 16-bit).
- No longer gives "Null reference exception" when no favs have been created.
Design changes:
- New 32x32 "My Computer" and "My Desktop" icons.
- In the Address bar drop-down list, titles are now bolded and items now have 16x16 icons.
- Context menu now has "system" style (rather than "Professional" style (ala Office '03)).


New features:
- Search-as-you-type added (only works for exact matches).
Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug where adding a person with no-one selected would make their group " " (space).
Design changes:
- Clarified example for "First name plus initial/s of last name".


New features:
- Users can now add events, and add and remove tasks.


New features:
- Checks what drives are on the system and adds them to Search Location drop-down.
Feature changes:
- Removed "Also search for folders" check box, this is now assumed to be true.
Design changes:
- Reorganised search pane to be more compact.
- Uses selectable text field instead of text box for full path of selected file.
- Folder view button now labelled "Details".
- "Search Subfolders?" checkbox renamed to "Also check subfolders".


New implementations:
- New "File Manager" tab, with options to change the default view, and to save view settings between sessions.
Design changes:
- Removed tabby bit (used to indicate current tab).
- Tabs moved up to fill white space.
- Duplicate "Project Nelson" tab replaced with (non-functional) tabs for MediaPN and SchedulePN.


New features:
- Can now start the default media player at startup and tell it to play a file.
- New command-line arguments added so users can force StartupPN to run in startup mode (or not).
- Now displays "Run once" items in startup list.
Design changes:
- New notifications icon.

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