Project Nelson

Project Nelson Version 1.0 Build 019

Changes in this build


New features:
- View menu in Applications page allows easy switching between Categories, Classic and Recent view.
- Context menu for Internet Browser, Email, Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Media Player.
- New application properties dialog displays version, company and copyright information for programs.
- Open with file allows you to open a document with a program.
- Classic view now shows icons for shortcuts.
- New folder, New shortcut dialogs in Classic view added.
- Classic view supports keyboard shortcuts.
New implementations:
- Added category page for "Images & Multimedia" with functional icons for Media Player, Painter and non-functional icons for Photo Organiser, Photo Toucher, Audio Editor, Video Editor, Animation (mistakenly labeled Video Editor) and Music Composition.
- Lock now uses Windows locking mechanism rather than LockPN.
- New folder, delete now works in Classic view.
Feature changes:
- Windows new shortcut dialog replaced with new custom dialog.
Bug fixes:
- Splash screen no longer requires user confirmation.
- Fixed bug where username and picture would not show on certain versions of Windows.
- Fixed bug where some arrows would show up as letters on certain configurations.
- Clicking on the Back button from certain pages after using a dialog no longer gives an error.
- Clicking on the Applications tab from other pages now goes to user's default view, rather than Categories view.
- Fixed bug where Project Nelson would close if Applications is selected from the front page with no default category selected.
- Log off and Shut down dialogs no longer disables main window when dialog closed via top-right close button, Alt-F4 or Esc.
Fixed bug where Personalisation would open Display settings in Windows Vista.
Design changes:
- Downloads, My Desktop, Personalisation, Add New Hardware now have new icons.
- Classic view icons now 32x32, rather than 48x48, and 32-bit colour, rather than 16-bit.
- Office category page cleaned up (removed icon, minimize/maximize/close buttons, renamed title).
- Cleaned up Log off, Shut down dialogs (set default and cancel buttons, tab order fixed.)
Removed warning from bottom of Log off screen.


Feature changes:
- Elevates under Windows Vista in order to prevent issues.
- Resident mode not activated under Vista.
Design changes:
- Executable now has new default icon.
- Non-PN mode now uses icon.


New features:
- Users can now see submitted bug reports, as well as status info.
- Search-as-you-type added for bug reports.
- Added ability to send attachments.
New implementations:
- Send bug report under system crash dialog now works.
Feature changes:
- Crash detection disabled on Windows Vista.
- No longer asks where to put crash report data.
- Automatically puts crash data in User\AppData, rather than C:\Crashlogs.
Bug fixes:
- Bug where PN-mode icon shows in other shells fixed.
Design changes:
- Cleaned up main window.
- New PN-mode icon.
- Bug submition dialogs cleaned up (fixed borders, titles, no icon/max/min buttons, tab order, default/cancel buttons, ect)

First Run Wizard

Feature changes:
- Elevates under Windows Vista to prevent issues.
- Game search now runs in different thread than UI.
Design changes:
- Application Default dialog now shows application icon, text, colours.


New features:
- Can now use command line arguments to navigate to specific topics.
Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug where sometimes HelpPN could not find topics, depending on the way it was launched.
Design changes:
- New executable icon.


New features:
- Open dialog now has Browse button.
Design changes:
- Added title banner.
- New icon for executable.
- Presents "clean" interface on start, rather than using dummy text.
- Open dialog cleaned up (title, no icon/min/max buttons.)


New features:
- New File Properties dialog shows creation and modification dates and file sizes, both absolute and in terms of free and total disk space.
- New context menu for files/folders (with Open, Open with..., Open in Windows Explorer, Move to folder..., Copy to folder..., Actions, Properties).
- New context menu for parent folder (View, New, Open in Windows Explorer. Properties)
New implimentations:
- Help button now works.
Feature changes:
- Navigation now on different thread to UI.
Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug where browsing folders with large files would cause an error.
- Copying or moving files no longer leaves off the extention.
- Fixed bug where some items in New menu wouldn't work.
Design changes:
- Large icons and Tiles views now show 32x32 icons all the time, instead of just when using Windows icons.
- Hard disk partitions with no label are labelled "Local Disk" in My Computer.
- Title bar now displays current folder name.
- Current folder label now shows drive name at root paths, rather than just blankness.
- Media not inserted errors now have proper information dialog.
- All navigation errors are now caught and handled.


Feature changes:
- Search-as-you-type no longer restricted to exact matches.
- Users no longer have to type in a file name for their contact.
Design changes:
- Banners for person information window and add/edit person dialog added.
- Add/Edit Person dialog reorganised.
- Elements now adapt when person information window resizes.
- New icon for executable.


New features:
- New Today box shows todays events and uncompleted tasks; can be brought up by itself using the /today argument.
- Tasks can now be marked as "All day".
Bug fixes:
- Closing the add/edit dialog via the close button, Esc or Alt+F4 no longer leaves the main window disabled.
Design changes:
- Add event dialog reorganised, cleaned up (tab order fixed, title fixed, no icon/min/max button, fixed dialog).


Feature changes:
- Search code now on different thread from UI.
- Uses environmental values (instead of registry) to get most shell folder paths. - Error messages are now handled.
Design changes:
- Icons are now 32-bit colour rather than 16-bit.


New implementations:
- "Save view between sessions" checkbox now works under File Manager settings.
Changed features:
- Application View settings changed from radio buttons to combobox.
Removed features:
Calculator settings removed.
Design changes:
Added non-functional "Save view between sessions" to Project Nelson settings.


Changed features:
- Startup code on different thread than UI
Bug fixes:
- IM settings no longer give an error on first use.

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