Project Nelson

Project Nelson Version 1.0 Updater Patch

How to get this update

You will need to download the update directly from the website. Since without this patch Software Updater points to the old website addresses, you won't be able to get this patch through Software Updater.

This patch does not install Project Nelson, only the patch, so if you do not have Project Nelson, you will need to install both. You can download the latest version of Project Nelson directly from this website.

This update does not change the version number of Project Nelson. The current version of Project Nelson is 1.0 Build 020 Update 1. If you have an older version, it is recommended you update Project Nelson before applying this patch by downloading it from the link above. You can check what version of Project Nelson you have by clicking Help, and then About.

What this patch changes

This patch updates the information Software Updater uses to check for new versions of itself and Project Nelson so that it checks the current website ( instead of the old address, so that when a new version comes out, Software Updater will be able to download it. This also fixes the error message "Error occured - update failed" displayed under both.

When Project Nelson 1.0 Build 020 Update 1 was released, this website was located at a different address. Because of this, the information that tells Software Updater where to look for new versions of itself and Project Nelson points to that older address. Since then, the original website has shut down and, as a result, the page that Software Updater checks no longer exists.

This patch updates the addresses that Software Updater checks so that they point to the current website. This means that, instead of failing to get the update information and giving an error, Software Updater will be able to check for updates to itself and Project Nelson.

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