Project Nelson


Project Nelson is collection of programs, each with different functions.
Below is a brief rundown of each program included with Project Nelson.


Project Nelson

Project Nelson is a user interface for your computer, seperated into three sections.

The Applications section acts as an application launcher. Unlike most launchers, Project Nelson sorts programs into "applications". or sets of programs that do the same thing, each with a "default program", which launches when you click on the application. The label, location, and icon stays consistant no matter what default program is selected, making it much easier to find.

Applications are sorted into "categories", which are groups of applications that share a similar theme. Project Nelson has 7 categories: Accessories, Games, Internet, Office, Images & Multimedia, System Tools and Programming.

The My Stuff section allows you to directly navigate to folders that you have added to your Links, as well as launch your file manager or search tool, and Control Panel allows you to configure settings for the system or for Project Nelson.


File Manager "Nemo"

File Manager is a simple file browser for your computer.

With File Manager, you can open, rename, move, copy, create or delete files, as well as view their properties. File Manager also displays what percentage of the disk the selected file or folder takes up in its Properties dialog.



PeoplePN is a program for managing your contacts.

With PeoplePN, you can organise your contacts into groups for easy categorisation. PeoplePN will store your contact's phone and mobile number; mail, email and web addresses; and their gender and date of birth. It also can inform you exactly how old a person is, or, if their birthday is near, how far away it is - or by how long you missed it.



SchedulePN is a program for managing your schedule.

SchedulePN allows you to organise your life. You can set a one-off event, or have it follow a routine. You can also keep track of tasks you have to complete with a to-do list. SchedulePN will also remind you of the events of the day and your unfinished tasks when you start up your computer, and will show a reminder for an event a few minutes before it starts.



MediaPN is a media player for Windows.

MediaPN can play music and playlists, displaying the important information about the currently playing song, and allowing you to switch between songs in the current playlist.



StartupPN allows you to manage the programs that run when you log into your computer. You can add new programs, or remove programs you no longer want to use.

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