Software Updater

Changelog for Software Updater 1.x (as of April 2013)

NOTE: Build dates are listed after the build number. These dates are written in the format dd-mm-yyyy.

1.1 (18-04-2013)

- Now continually checks for updates, rather than just at startup.
- Now checks if the user’s OS version is within the minimum OS version before downloading an update.
- Redesigned list of programs with cleaner look.
- The Add Update dialog now checks if a feed already exists before adding.
- Now gives an error in the list of programs if the feed could not be checked.
- Fixed bug where program list would not update after performing an administrative task due to the task closing after the update code had been run.
- Fixed a bug where the list of programs would become disabled after removing a program update.
- Changed a lot of the under-the-hood code.
- Added an about dialog and help menu.

1.0.03 (28-04-2011)

- Now supports PAD files as well as appcasts.
- The user can now add programs to the All Users list of software.
- Added support for elevation of privileges when interacting with programs on the All Users list.
- Added a link to the changelog in the new update dialog for those updates that specify one.
- Fixed a bug that prevented one from logging off under Windows XP while Software Updater was running.
- Fixed a bug where nothing would happen if you tried to install an update that required elevated privileges while Software Updater was running under limited privileges.
- Changed a lot of the under-the-hood code.
- Added a right-click menu to the notification tray icon allowing the user to show the main interface or exit Software Updater completely.
- Now disables Remove and Rename buttons when nothing is selected.
- Removed the non-functional Settings button.
- Changed “availible” to “available” in the update description in the main window list.

1.0.02 (21-07-2009)

- Can now add, rename and remove software to be checked for updates.
- The main window can now be hidden on launch by using the /s argument.
- Added a notification tray icon.
- The program no longer quits when the main window is closed, which can be restored by double-clicking the notification tray icon.
- Added icon to executable, header and title bar.
- Changed “availible” to “available” in the new update dialog.
- Software Updater no longer requires elevated privileges to run.

1.0.01 (08-06-2009)

- First version of Software Updater.
- Main window shows a list of software added to Software Updater, with details on whether each program is up to date.
- Can read appcasts to detect new versions and display a dialog on start prompting the user to install the update, showing version and description details.
- Can download and run updates when the user requests.

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